October 24, 2011

My Clock Cloche

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Is it okay to use happy and Monday in the same sentence???

This week is going to be crazy busy.
I have a 'to do' list about a million yards long and most of them are school-related.
I'd much rather it be crafty...

Although I do have a crafty checklist going too...
they just aren't as high priority as my non-fun one.

So, remember last summer when everyone was crazy about cloches?
Those cute little things that were taking over thrift stores and bloggers started going crazy over?
I joined that cliche a little late but loved my white one I put together.

I snatched up another one this past spring just cuz you never know when you'll need one, right?
And I got to painting it this summer.

Here's the cutie I picked up along with the bottom of a candlestick that I was messing with and it, er, fell apart.
It may or may not have been provoked.
But I thought it'd be perfect with this guy.
See? Things happen for a reason :)

I painted them both with gloss white.
Doesn't the base look pretty all scuffed up?
I love the brass showing through.

The bottom of the cloche got painted white and scuffed up as well.

I saw this way cute idea somewhere...and obviously before Pinterest was becoming the thing to use.
Because I have no idea where I saw it.
So if you know, kindly guide me to it and I'll give proper credit.

I just loved the roman numerals.
I used the technique of printing it on regular printing paper, then tracing over the pack of it with pencil onto the wood.
It leaves enough ink residue to fill in with a black marker.
Easy :)

I lightly distressed it again with my mouse sander and scrubbed the dome top 'til it gleamed.

And he turned out so pretty, huh?

I love the vintage look it has now.
Much better than just a plain old cloche.

Oh...and the base is just glued on with hot glue.
There are stronger glues out there more suited for it...but it's held up so far so hot glue works too :)

I'm kinda digging it with the harlequin paper I pulled out for his photo shoot.

I'll give you a sneak peek as to where it ended up...
making friends with my photo blocks.

I can't wait to show you the whole deal-io but if you can't tell, my table is still kinda ug-lay.
So you'll be seeing it when I get the chance to beautify my table.
No promises on when that will be.

But it should be well worth it.
At least the picture in my head is :)
We shall see.

In the mean time, you can just look at the cute cloche!

Have you made any cute cloches?
Or used them in your decor lately?

I'd love to see them- head over to my Facebook page and share pictures or tips on using them there!!

Happy Monday lovelies- hope it's as great as a monday can be!!

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  1. I LOVE this...and just about every other project on here! :) Very creative and amazing results! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What an amazing idea...I love like like!!

  3. I love clock faces and this is such a great place for one. Love your project and am going to link it on my DIY Page.

    My best- Diane

  4. Hey, I just purchased a cloche...I didn't know what it was called but it was at a yard sale this past weekend so I got it. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Very cute--the clock design makes it look great when nothing is in there!

  6. I LOVE it!

    I hope you'll link this up to Knick of Time Tuesday - it's perfect for the "knick of time" theme!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  7. This is AWESPOME! Why didn't I think of it? I have cloches all over lol. Thanks for sharing. Please come link this to my VIP party this weekend and have a Happy Halloween!

  8. Very cute! I have never seen this before, can you believe that? So, this is a great and innovative idea! Love it!

  9. very nice!
    following you from Dittle Dattle

  10. I LOVE it. YOur cloche is just fantastic. I love the base and the way you redid it. Wow, unreal cute. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  11. Great idea, Kelsey! I love the clock image on the cloche base! I have a clock face scrapbook paper that would be perfect for an 8 inch round base and you've given me a great idea to use it.

    visiting from the cloche party! : )

  12. It turned out darling Kelsey! love it! xoox, tracie


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