November 29, 2011

1 Ornament: 10 Looks (Part 1)

Are you ready for today guys???

I've been SO EXCITED (I know, I say that about everything, but really!!) to show you this little series. And considering I've been working on it on and off since the end of September, I deserve to be a little excited, right??

Today is the day.

For what??
For this...

Yup, guys.
I took one homely little .99 cent ornament from Hobby Lobby and did ten different things with it.
Who says you can't make cheap, pretty ornaments?

Well, I don't know if anyone really says that.
But it's not true :)

So here he is, ya'll.
The homely little paper mache ornament.

I actually lied when I said he was .99 cents.
Really he was like .49 cents.
Cuz if you hit up Hobby Lobby on their half off christmas weeks, then that's what ya get.

Boring, huh?

But don't worry, he's anything but boring now.

So on with the show.
Today I'm showing you five different ways to transform this one ornament.
Hobby Lobby had about three different shapes, but I made all of mine in this one shape.
I thought it'd be funner that way!

Plus, bonus! I made him over using all things that I had on hand.
I get major points on that, right?
At least that's what hubby says :)

Ready to check out his different threads?
Cuz I'm sooo ready to show you!!!

For Look number one, I painted him a pretty glossy blue from the Martha Stewart paints.
It gives it a pearly sheen and makes it look like you've layered glossy Mod Podge on it!
Love it :)

Then I took a box of upholstery tacks (I got them from Habitat Restore) and gently tapped them into the ornament with a small hammer.
I made a pretty swirl design as I went.

And then top it off with a yummy red ribbon :)

Look number two is super easy, I swear.
Remember how obsessed I was with Glitterblast spraypaint in the fall?

Well my obsession is still good for Christmas because it makes the prettiest, sparkliest ornament ever.
And NO shedding of glitter...Ack. That's my MOST favorite part.
This is with cherry glitterblast and takes oh, about 2.5 seconds to do.

Look 3 is my most favorite look out of all ten of 'em.
I painted it with black enamel paint that gives it a gorgeous sheen.
It's amazing that paper mache can shine that much, huh?

Then I used my cricut to cut out the brackets and 'jingle'.
A little mod podge helps it to stay on over the curves of the ornament.
Then I jazzed it up with some houndstooth ribbon that I tied white jingle bells to.
So pretty and festive.
I'm in love :)

Isn't look 4 so romantic looking?
Of course, you know I had to put some burlap on at least one of them!!
I just cut strips of linen and burlap into little circles and then layered them on with hot glue.
Another super quick way to dress it up.

And up last for today, a fun tribute to the whole feather trend this year had going.
I wrapped the ornament with twine first
(which is not the easiest thing to do, considering I may have burned off my fingerprints- lol)
Then I glued some pretty feathers around the top.

Nice and rustic :)

Eek. I'm so excited to have finally shown you some of them!!!

Which one is your favorite??

Isn't it amazing how many different ways you can transform something so simple?
And seriously, there's way more than ten ways to transform this ornament.
But ten is all you're getting from me :)

Seriously though, start digging through your stash and you'll be amazed at what you can come up with!

Don't forget to check back on Thursday to see the last five!!!

**And another FREE Christmas printable will be up this afternoon!!!**


  1. My favorite one is the painted black one with the vinyl 'jingle' on it. I have those black and white bells so this is sooooo on my 'to do' list! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  2. They are all so creative and cute but I think my favorite is the black jingle one too! I can't wait to see the rest!


  3. I am new to the blogosphere but I love your site. I've done a lot of digging through the archives. You are super talented.

    I cannot pick just one favorite. I love the blue with nails but I love the twine and feather one too.

    Mommy Sauri~


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