November 28, 2011

Christmas Printable Number 1!!!

Can you believe that the first few days of December are just a handful of days away?

With all the early decorations and music in stores, you probably feel like it's been December for months now though :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break and are not dreading returning to real life as much as I am.
Although...I'm being greeted with a lab practical first thing on a monday morning soooo I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to be dreading it!!

I've been dying to share some fun Christmas printables with you and I've decided that the time has come to bring them out!!!

So here's what's going on this week in case you missed it on my facebook page :)

One of my favorite things to do is create fun, free printables to share with all my fabulous readers!
So I had a great time coming up with some Christmas ones :)

So much fun...that I ended up with five.
And, oh, I could have done so many more!!

But five will do for this year, don't ya think?
So be sure to check back every day this week to see if one strikes your fancy :)

Today I had to share with you one of my favorites.

If you liked my reindeer names sign I made last week, then you'll love this little series.
Because if you're short on time (which, serisously, who isn't??) then all you have to do to have the reindeer in your home is pick your favorite color, print and frame!!

Easy peasy.

Check 'em out.
Links to download each of them are found under the individual pictures.

Reindeer Names in Green (Download here)

Reindeer Names in Red (Download here)

Reindeer Names in Turquoise (Download here)

(graphics used are from Sprik Space's Pattern Pieces series. Love these patterns!)

As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

I hope you love them as much as I do!!

Don't forget to send pics if you use them- I'd love to share them on my facebook page :)

Happy Monday!

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