November 30, 2011

Christmas Printable Number 3!

What is it about the end of a semester going by. so. slowly.

One part of my head is looking forward 17 days from now to GRADUATION.
And the other part is still stuck in projects, papers and exams for the next two weeks.

And in case you're getting overly excited about me graduating and all (which I know you were!)
I've still got a year and a half to go to finish my program but I'm getting my bachelors degree in a couple weeks.
I don't officially become an OT until I have my masters though.
So... slowly but surely :)

I'm sure you wanted to know all that about my life :)

What you're really here for is the next free printable, right????

So no further dramatics...

These next couple ones are for the cutesy Christmas people.
My mom is obsessed with snowmen, so when one of my fabulous readers suggested this saying on my facebook page, I immediately went and fiddled with it.

Because come wintertime, there really is 'no man like a snowman'.
Unless you're man is like mine, and then you're all set.
(cue groans at my corniness)

So here's your little snowmen to have with you for the holidays....

Links to download are under each picture.

No Man Like a Snowman- Download Here

No Man Like a Snowman Hat- Download Here

As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
Find Christmas Printable 1 Here
Christmas Printable 2 is Here 
Hope you guys are having a great week :)
Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the second half of 1 Ornament:10 Looks!!!!

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