November 17, 2011

A Creative November: The Craft Monkey

Day four already, guys!
Heidi has a fabulously sparkly project to show you guys and be sure to check back later in the afternoon to see what she's giving away :)

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Hey Y'all! I'm Heidi from The Craft Monkey. 

I'm a craft lovin, decor changin, recipe tryin mama! I LOVE all things paint, paper, mod podge and glitter. I'm always looking for new crafting inspiration and ways to keep my hands busy and my fingers covered in glue and paint! I hope you'll stop by and visit me on my creative journey! 

I'm super excited to be visiting here at Tattered & Inked today to share my Christmas Card Display! Kelsey, thanks SO much for having me! I hope y'all enjoy this fun and easy project!

Last year I used ribbon & clothes pins to hang my Christmas Cards, and I liked that, but I thought it could be improved.  Then one day, my Uncle offered me this ginormous ugly painting.  I gladly accepted, knowing that I didn't want the ugly painting, just the ginormous frame! It was PERFECT for my new Christmas Card Holder!

I removed the painting and the hardware on the frame.

Then I spray painted it a pretty turquoise{ish} color. {I decided that if I painted it turquoise, instead of red, green, silver, etc., that I could leave it up all year as a place to hang the 3 year old's art work or other fun things that arrive in the mail.}  Once it was painted I stapled some turquoise and white twine onto the back of the frame.

My next step was to add some embellishments, I had these mini green clothes pins in my stash and some chipboard letters.  

I went through my letters and spelled out Merry Christmas. {I was 1 R short in silver, so I subbed in a hot pink, I think it adds a nice little pop of color!}

Then, using Krylon Glitter Blast I blasted the letters & clothes pins. I LOVE Glitter! And let me tell ya, they aren't joking when they call this stuff "blast". I had lined my letters up all nicely and one shot of this Glitter Blast sent them flying! This can is powerful!

So there ya have it, my Christmas Card Holder!

I'll use the clothes pins to attach Christmas cards, once they start arriving! 

Thanks again, Kelsey for letting me come by and visit! Hope I didn't make too much of a mess with the glitter! :)


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