December 08, 2011

'Branching' Out with your Christmas Decor...

Ok so that was a terribly corny title for this post.
But it's late while I'm typing this and I'm trying to keep it fun for ya :)

But it IS branching out a bit.
I mean, not every person off the street carries a branch inside and asks their sweet and horrified hubby to hang it on the wall for them, do they?
But I did.
And hubby fought with the thing until he won.

Needing a clue as to what I'm talking about?
I used a branch in my Christmas mantle decor this year :)

As in...right here...

I've seen lots of 'naturalistic' decor going on lately and decided that it would be fun to use a branch to spell out a fun word.

I chose 'joy' mostly because the branch I could find in my front yard was a shorter one and this would fit fabulously.

I just used some unfinished letters and spraypainted them red.
I also lightly dusted the branch with some silver spraypaint to give it a little sheen when the lights are shimmering on it.

Didn't it turn out fun?

I used twine to tie them to the branch and also looped some around the letters just for the heck of it.

Getting the branch to stay on the wall proved to be a fun game.
It wasn't flat on the back so it was hard to find anything to hang it from.
Eventually we looped a couple pieces of twine, duct-taped them to the back and then looped the twine over a couple of nails.

Kind of rigged. But it works :)
And considering it was our first time to hang a stick on the wall, we were pleased.

Have you ever used branches or sticks in your decor?
I'm so happy we decided too this year- I think it adds a fun element to the whole thing :)

Hope you guys are having a fabulous week and getting all that christmas shopping underway.
Only 17 days left till the big day!

(And only 9 left until case you were wondering...)

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. It's just perfect with the letters hanging from twine off of the branch. Great idea.


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