December 06, 2011

Burlap & Fabric Scrap Trees

Are you guys ready for some fun tutorials this week?
Cuz I'm ready to give 'em.

I was so excited to show you guys my Christmas Mantle yesterday so I hope you got a chance to check it out.
If not, check it out here.

I ended up making all kinds of fun things for it, so I'm sharing the tutorials for them throughout this week!

These fun fabric trees were actually showcased on I Heart Naptime for her Crazy Christmas Crafters event a couple weeks ago!!
So if you saw them over there, it's just a repeat of what was on there!
But for those who missed it, check out how to make your own super easy and fabulous fabric trees!!

This was a super easy project to do and my favorite thing about these trees is that they could be done a million different ways! And they're such a festive addition to your holiday decor :)

Let's get started!

Things you need:

*Paper Mache Tree Forms (I got mine at Hobby Lobby) in various sizes
*Hot glue gun
*Fabric of your choosing

I had fun sifting through my fabric bins and finding some fun material to work with.
I didn't end up using the sheet music in the picture but might go back and do one in that too :)

Then you grab a pair of scissors and start cutting triangles.
Bunches of them.

Watching an episode of Friday Night Lights or Biggest Loser definitely helps this go by a lot faster- just sayin :)

Pat yourself on the back for cutting out all those little triangles and then settle down to start covering those nekked trees!

Here's how mine looked starting out-
I had to use a styrofoam form for the baby one because I couldn't get the size I needed in the paper mache ones.

To get started, I wrapped a piece of fabric right around the tip of the tree and hot-glued it down.
Starting from the top of the tree leaves that pretty overlapped look in the fabric.

Then I just worked my way around and down the tree.
I let the pieces overlap each other as I went to give it lots of texture.

I also didn't apply a ton of glue because I liked the tips being free and loose :)

Glue your little heart out and then sit back to admire all your pretty trees!!

I am slightly obsessed with my burlap one but that's to be expected :)
And I love the pop of color the red one gives.

The white one was made with sparkly white felt- so holiday-esque.

Aren't they so cute?

Oh, and for the bases of the paper mache trees, I wrapped some twine around them to give them a little extra sumthin'.

And here they are perched on my mantle:

To check out the rest of the mantle, head over here.

You guys should be super proud of me, I finally finished my research paper that I spent all semester on.
Now just a few finals left and I'll be off for the holiday!!!
I'm just a little excited, can you tell??

Happy Tuesday- I'll be back later in the afternoon with another fun project :) 

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