December 05, 2011

Christmas 2011 Mantle Reveal!!!

So do you think I'm a total nerd if I admit that decorating my mantle is my favorite part about decorating for each season??

I'm pretty sure it does.
But that's fine with me :)

Hubby about had a heart attack when I started pulling all our christmas decor boxes and sifting through them.
I had already made a bunch of stuff for the mantle before getting the boxes out,
but I like to look at everything that has...potential...before deciding on a set plan.
Totally nerdy, huh?
And it tends to make a big mess for a little while...

Last year's mantle was pretty but was my very first attempt at really trying to deck it all out.
I think I've learned a thing or two this time around so I'm super excited about showing it to you!

Not to mention that the little fireplace update we did not long ago looks soooo amazing with all the christmas colors. 
That's gotta be one of my most favorite spraypaint redos ever. 

I figure I'll show you the reveal and then the rest of the week I'll be breaking it down to show you some of the fun projects I did for it.
Sound good to you??

So are you ready for me to stop talking and start showing you christmas eye candy pics??

I can take a hint. we go.
2011 Christmas Mantle!!

**warning: picture heavy!**

There's just something about Christmas colors and decor that bring your spirits up,huh?

I love this time of year :)

You'll be seeing tutorials on nearly everything up there later in the week.
If you see something you really LOVE let me know and I'll make sure there's a tutorial for it :)

I've already shown you guys my reindeer names sign.
And I love it's special place up on the mantle!

Completely random.
But I'm in love with my reindeer silhouette painting.
It may have been my favorite thing I made up there.

Aren't christmas trees so fun to make?
I"ve loved seeing all the tutorials out in blogland for them and this is my fabric version.

I've already shared the free "Most wonderful time of the year" print with you and you can find that here.
I printed it as a 5x7 and glued it to some burlap to be framed.
Simple but lovely :)

This printable is found here and is my favorite.
It's little man's favorite too because he loves shepherds :)

This is so neat because it belonged to my grandfather.
My dad found it when he was cleaning out my grandmothers house after she passed away.
It's such a beautiful vintage cooler and he graciously let me 'borrow' it to use for Christmas.

I love that it's such an awesome antique but has a family history too.
Makes it 10 times more special.

And those aren't just any random wood logs.
My parents recently had to cut down a tree in their backyard that they had spent forever getting to grow.
It was really sad to see it get knocked down for their new renovations but I insisted on keeping some of the cuttings for random things.
These came in handy :)

This was my little sneak-peek I showed you on my facebook page last night.
Pretty lights :)

The mantle in our living room completely brings the room to life so I'm glad it's my favorite thing to decorate :)

What do you think?
 I think I've definitely improved a little since last year, don't you?

What's your favorite part about decorating for the Christmas season?

This week is going to be a crazy week for me in school.
It's our last week before finals and is crunch time in a lot of my classes.
I have a huge research paper due (and I'm SICK of looking at the APA manual)
and several other humungo projects in the works.

I'll be sharing all the fun projects from my mantle admidst all my school chaos so I hope you'll check them out :)
Only a couple weeks left until Christmas day, can you believe it??

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  1. Yes the mantel is the focal point of everything!!! I wish I had a mantel to decorate. I love everything you did here!!! Wow!!!

  2. I LOVE it!!! just WOW!! It turned out soooo good!! Now I have to do something to mine, lol!

  3. Kelsey I love your mantel. Its beautiful. I love that you made everything on it and I love the colors. Very very nice. I couldnt even tell you my fave part...Love it all!

  4. Love love love your colors!! I love all the detail, perfect!! I would love for you to come link this up at our link

  5. Great job. Love the colors.

  6. Oh my!! SO darling!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  7. I looooove your decoration ideas! The old vintage coca cola box...just amazing!!Everything looks beautifull...

  8. Super sweet adn cute fireplace. just perfect.

  9. Your mantel is just perfect! I love the colors you used..

  10. So lovely! I love the red on blue~the blocks are sweet, the reindeer silhouette is awesome(you are right~so random and so perfect)...every little detail is so retro and yet so hip! Very fun and cheery.

  11. The colors and details look great!! I especially love the word "JOY" hung on the unique! And the logs in the Coca Cola bin is so neat!

  12. love all the layering on this mantel, not to mention the fun color combo. great new/old coke tin, how special!

  13. teal with a dash of red has been my color obsession this whole year, especially for winter! i love all the personal meaning many of your pieces hold, it looks lovely!

    -rachel w k

  14. Hi, I just found your blog by googling 'fun Christmas mantels'
    and the 25 Unique Christmas Mantels on Home Stories A 2 Z came up. LOVE this mantel! I have some similar stuff myself, but I'm having a hard time putting it all together this year. We've been remodeling (need I say more?) so
    the Christmas decorating has fallen by the wayside and I'm just getting around to it. Anyway, I have a question for you? What is the tree beside the cocacola cooler? It looks like it's made from bottle caps? We have a ton of bottle caps and I would love to do something like this with my kids.


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