December 23, 2011

The Little Christmas Wreath I {may} Have Forgotten About...

I know, right?
I'm going to plead holiday craziness on this one, guys.

Luckily, I remembered it just in the nick of time- before it's completely outdated :)

And the sad thing is, it sits down the hall from me and if I look to my right while I sit here typing, it's in plain view.
Poor little wreath that hasn't gotten his blog spotlight yet.

But today I aim to fix that.

Remember back when I showed you my scrap fabric trees?
Well I made this wreath the same week I made them which was sometime back in November.

I used the same technique (if you can call cutting triangles a legit 'technique') that I did for my trees.
I guess I was on a triangle kick that week. 

So here we go...

*Fabric (I used red burlap and white felt)
*Wreath Form
*Hot Glue Gun 

Honestly, you could probably figure it out just by the picture.
Cut Triangles from Fabric.
Glue to Wreath Form.
Add embellishment if desired.

And voila! An easy, bright wreath :)

I love the different textures of each fabric next to each other.
I didn't want candy-cane stripes necessarily so I just layered them haphazardly.

Then I added my cute little "H" ornament to the middle with string.

I've admitted to my wreath obsession a few times so you can guess that I don't have enough doors to hang all my wreaths :)
So this one sits propped on a cute shelf in the hallway.
Thus the fact that it stares at my everyday when I'm typing.... not creepily though.
Just patiently waiting for me to remember that I need to share it's fabulous-ness with the blog world.

And now I really need to get some rest considering I'm coming up with conversations with wreaths.

I hope today isn't TOO crazy for you guys
(Although I already know it is).
Poor hubby is going shopping tonight for stocking stuffers.
Although I don't know if I should feel sorry for him since he did it to himself :)

I'll be taking the next few days off from the Blog so I wanted to wish you guys a...
 very Merry Christmas!!!

I love all of you guys!!
Stay safe :)

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  1. Wow,It look really fabulous.It really good for the decorations at christmas.It color combinations are really great.


  2. This is so creative! I am a DIY artist and my father is a best consultant for abroad study we both collab with each other's work. :)


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