December 07, 2011

Wooden Christmas Blocks

Yup. This is a late night post...for me, I guess.

I usually try to post things during the day but that just wasn't happening today.
I planned on having time last night but my Whatchamacallit project that was due for class today was not cooperating well.
And I had to coax it to finish drying :)
If you want a glimpse of the finished product, check it out on my facebook page!

So I've been sharing fun projects from my Christmas mantle and today I wanted to show you the Christmas blocks that are perched right up front on my mantle this year.

These little cuties:

They're super easy and most of you probably won't even need a tutorial but I'll go ahead and give you the quick run-down anyhow :)

I took a couple 2x4s lying around in the garage and chopped them up into squares.
I have plans for more of them but I used nine of them to make my blocks for the mantle.

I sanded them down really well and kind of 'rounded' the edges a tiny bit to soften them up.

I painted them a gorgeous blue color.
It almost came out the color of my living room walls which I love.
But I just mixed several colors together until I liked it :)

I'm in love with this 'Algerian' font I have and used it to print out 'Christmas' on Word.
Then I used my good ole' exacto knife to carefully cut them out.

One of these days, the Silhouette will do the work for me.
One of these days...

I used my hand-made stencils to stencil them right onto the blue in a pretty vibrant red.

And *GASP* did NOT distress them.
Are you shocked?
I was.

Until I decided to ink the edges instead.
You know I had to do something....
I just ran the inkpad lightly around the sides.
Instant satisfaction :)

And then you have some cute Christmas blocks to stick up anywhere.
Mine landed on the mantle this year.
I think it'd be fun to do something on the back and be able to re-use them.
I just have to find some time to think of a good nine-letter word :)

To see more of my christmas mantle, head over here.

I've posted a couple tutorials so far on a few projects here and here.

Hope you enjoyed a simple project today :)
I'm hoping to finish up some homework so I can cuddle up on the couch and catch up with the DVR.
And there may be some hot chocolate involved...

Have a great night and I'll be seeing you tomorrow!!

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  1. So cute! I love the blue and red together:)

  2. I love the color you came up with for the blocks! I was just thinking...Valentine is a 9 letter word, so you could make 4 more blocks that say 'be my' and then use the back of these for the rest. Just an idea!


  3. I love your blog and I like this idea. I have seen on several different blogs that with soft woods you can just trace the letters with a ball point pen and it will indent the wood, which saves time cutting out all the letters and the indent will also create a small barrier to keep the paint from bleeding.

    Looking forward to more posts!



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