January 09, 2012

Coffee Table Redo

This post has been in the makings for a while...
I've just never gotten around to getting it up :)

You know when you're working on a room and you've got it mostly there...
but just not all the way yet?

That's my living room.
For like, forever.

But I've finally gotten it to a point where I love it even if it has been a slow-going process.
So I thought I'd finally share one of the pieces that made a big difference in the room.

And then later this week, I'll show you the crazy transformation of my blue living room :)

Don't hate me when you see this picture.
Because it's of a nasty, falling-apart coffee table that lived in our house for a good six months (maybe more)

Oh heavens to betsy.
It's bad.

And I can't believe I allowed that thing to keep on living here.
It started off as a normal, brown, boring coffee table from Target that we got to fill space when we first moved in.

And it quickly went downhill.
That's what happens when you live with two boys and (then) three crazy cats.

And this is my pretty blue living room nearly three years ago right after we moved in...

And guys, really, if you love me- you will NOT pin this before picture.
There is nothing worse then seeing your pictures on Pinterest and seeing pretty, pretty, ACK!
I mean, you really don't need to remember what my living room looked like BEFORE I knew what the heck I was doing, right?
So I'm trusting this yuck picture to you guys. :)

It's funny to look at now because pretty much the only thing that's stayed the same is the brown couch.
Oh and the brick fireplace.
Because I'm not messing with that :)
Even the blue walls look different now that everything else has changed...
But that's for another day.

In order to get rid of that sad-boring-awful-gross brown coffee table,
I needed to find a good replacement.

Although most anything would have been better :)

But I found this lovely for cheap at Goodwill and knew it was the one.
Since our living room is somewhat narrow, we couldn't get a chunky table so this narrow-er one was perfect.
Considering I did this makeover over a year ago...I'm not sure how much I got it for but I know it was under 20 bucks.

And ummm...look at those legs.
And that rope detail around the sides.
Sexy momma.

I gave it a fresh coat of Pottery Barn White and then lightly glazed it with black antiquing glaze.
I didn't want a heavy glazed look but I like the streaked top and the accents on the sides and legs popping out.

And it makes the room so much more happier now.
I think there's something magical about white paint.

And, trust me, the whole room looks a lot happier nowadays :)

It's amazing to look back at pictures from when we first moved in and then look aroud now.
I've sure learned a lot.

I pulled out my 'bowl of balls' again for this spring but think it may be getting a small makeover soon...

I painted this table over a year ago and it's held up fabulously against my rough and tumble guys.
Though it still makes my eye twitch when hubby throws his boot-clad feet up on top of it.

And of course, a quick before and after shot.
Just so you see how pretty she is now :)

I'm desperately trying to hold onto my last couple of days before classes start again
but it seems to just fly by.

So I've got a stack of projects in the works to try and get in before the school craziness takes over my life again :)

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  1. It looks amazing! Great job. Your whole room looks wonderful :)

  2. Amazing transformation! I love your "new" coffee table :)

  3. Oh heavens to Betsy is right! But the end result is awesome!
    A few blog friends and I introduced a new challenge idea yesterday and it would be so fun if you want to join. If you have a second, check in at to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. Trust me we've all had those times when we had furniture hanging around alot longer than it should have been! A matter of fact I still have some sitting in my basement as we speak. Love the coffee table and where is that rug from? I adore it!

  5. wow!! I love before and afters..... looks great!! come link if you'd like. I have great followers-

  6. LOVE how the table turned out! You are so good at furniture redos. The living room looks so cozy and the happy colors. Id like to know more about those adorable throw pillows on the couch ;)


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