January 30, 2012

Valentine's Mini Wreath!

Are you guys ready for some valentine fun that is in non-printable form??

I kinda am.
I love sharing prints...but a fun project is always a good mix-up.

I haven't been able to go all out for Valentine's...
mostly because it would be too much work just to have to take down pretty soon.
I'm trying to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed this semester while taking 19 hours of grad work!!

Which means that I need to pick and choose what projects to take on :)
So my house is actually pretty springified right now.
Which Arkansas seems to be more in tune with since we haven't really had any good winter weather.

But I had to make a couple valentine's projects to spread the love a little.

So I decided to make a cute mini-wreath.
Yup. Mini.

I found these cuties in the Target dollar spot right before Christmas and never got around to using them.
Though I mostly bought them because of their size and I knew they could be re-used.

I just took  some small sewing scissors and snipped the yarn off the form.
I ended up with a cute, tiny little wreath form :)

Which Simon thought was his toy.

I re-wrapped it with some red yarn and embellished it with some cute hearts I had on had...
I decided it needed a mini place to hang so I hung it from an extra frame I had...

The hearts were some chipboard hearts that I re-did.
The bigger one I wrapped with twine and the smaller one had some paper mod-podged onto it.
I wrapped a little bit of embroidery thread around the red yarn to add a little more contrast.

Mini wreaths call for mini embellishements :)

I stuck some houndstooth scrapbook paper in the frame and then clamped the ribbon into the frame to hang the wreath.
Now I can change it out whenever I feel like it.
And with my obsession with wreaths- you can bet you'll be seeing some more mini wreaths!!

For now, she hangs in the corner of my living room.
Did you notice one of my valentine's prints peeking out at the bottom?
Just adding a little more love :)

It might be a just a tiny bit of v-day in our house- but it makes me smile.
Or maybe it's just that whole 'mini' thing going on.

Everything is just way cuter in mini-form, right??

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  1. Aawwww!! I love it! Turned out super cute! I don't go all out for V-Day either. Honey, I'm still trying to recoup from Christmas! Sheesh! Thanks for sharing your cutesy minis! xoxo

  2. I like the idea of the mini wreath forms for stuff other than Christmas. I can keep my eye out at the store. Thanks!

  3. That is so cute and simple. I really like it!

  4. That is SO cute...great job!!! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  5. So, so cute!! I love mini everything :)

  6. Oh my lands....I need a mini wreath...on some houndstooth. That's just awesome, girl!

  7. cute mini wreath. I like the layering of the hearts.
    thank you for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can

  8. Very cute. And look at that adorable cat face! Love it.

  9. What a cute little Valentine wreath! I love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. What a cute little wreath! Way to re-use to your advantage. Also, the super mini twine wrapped heart is 10X adorable. I'm really having a hard time figuring out the size, it looks small in the frame, but big next to your cat! I want!!


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