January 25, 2012

A Week of Valentine's Printables- Infinity Plus One Print

We've made it to Wednesday- woohoo!!!

Which is a great feat for me this week since I'm still dragging in the 'getting-caught-up' phase.
I found myself wandering around the house with a stapler in my hand yesterday...
then looking down and wondering why in the heck I was carrying that thing around.
I think I thought it was my phone.
Still. Weirdness.

At least I didn't try to talk on it :)

Are you guys ready for another printable??

Even though the last two ones this week have been personal favorites,
I think this one is way cute.

If for no other reason it brings back those good ole' elementary school days.

Remember when this ending to a sentence was the end-all for everything?
You won if you said it first :)

Bring back any fond memories??
Or maybe the fight going on in your kitchen right now.
(most likely with something a little less endearing... 'oh yea? Well I'm cooler infinity plus one!')

And not to dissapoint those of you who love color just as much as me...
it's in six lovely colors.

Just click, download, print & frame!!

Click the link below to download your favorite:

As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
Printables are for Tattered and Inked readers only.

I hope you're enjoying this series as much as I enjoy making the printables :)
Happy mid-week guys and I'll see you back here tomorrow for another freebie!!

If you've missed any of the previous printables you can find them below:

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  1. "At least I didn't try to talk on it." Haha!

    I am really enjoying seeing all your cute printables every day. What a fun idea for Valentine's!

  2. oh.em.gee.
    I love these.
    I tell my son this every day. :)
    then he says "i love you infinity & beyond!"
    thanks buzz lightyear for 1 up'n me.


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