February 06, 2012

Red & Aqua Valentine's Wreath

And you just thought that I'd leave red and aqua for Christmas, huh?
No ma'am.

I fell in love with this color scheme hardcore over Christmas and decided it was definitely needing to stick around for a bit.
And Valentine's is the perfect excuse to bring red back into my aqua world.

I told you guys that I'm {not really able to} go all out for Valentines since grad school is royally trying to kick my butt.
(I spent about four hours writing up a mental health protocol last night- aghhh)

But just because I can't pink, red and white up my house doesn't mean I can't have a few touches of love, right?

And of course I had to make a wreath because my obsession requires it :)
And this time it's not in miniature form.

So, therefore, let me introduce you to the red & aqua wreath.

It makes me happy :)

Easy enough supplies:
*Styrofoam wreath form
*Aqua Yarn
*White Yarn
*An assortment of DIY flowers

You know the drill.
Wrap, wrap and wrap some more.

Am I weird that this is actually one of my favorite things to do?
Some people really hate this part...but it's somewhat therapeutic for me.
I'm an odd duck, I know.

Here it is all wrapped and ready for some fun embellishments:

I really didn't do a good job making a tutorial for the red ribbon flowers on the wreath...
so this is as good as it got.

I took some wire that I had lying around
(I have a random spool of this stuff for some reason...there's no telling)
I cut off a good amount and then just wove some ribbon back and forth onto it.

Once I decided I had a good amount on, I made a circle with the wire, wrapped up the ends and then snipped the excess wire off.
So I had a little ribbon circle and then just glued a button to the middle.

Here's me weaving the ribbon onto the wire:

I made a few different rosettes and stacked flowers until I had the amount I wanted.
The big one I just completely made up and I still haven't decided if it's my favorite thing in the world or not yet.

But I adore the colors :)

Instead of hotgluing the flowers on, I pinned each of them on.
That way, when I get tired of them it won't mess the wreath up to take them off.
Making it interchangeable of sorts.

I also wrapped some white yarn around the other side to add a little bit more color.
I love how all the colors come together and that it's not overtly valentines.

I wonder if my neightbors ever wonder why I'm outside taking pictures of my tree with various things always hanging from it??

What do you guys think?
Was it okay to bring the red and aqua back out?

Hope you guys have a fabulous monday :)

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  1. Love the colors! Great job and many thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think the color scheme looks fabulous this time around too.

    I'm one of the haters of the yarn wrapping. I overwhelmed myself with this wreath for Valentine's Day (
    and well, I'm happy about the result but I'm not sure I'll be yarn wrapping anytime soon.

    Mommy Sauri~

  3. Ok, this is a gorgeous wreath! You did such a fabulous job:) Love the aqua, red and white. LOVE!!

  4. Love this color combo! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks amazing! I love it hanging from the tree. :)

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  8. The colors are sooo pretty!! The wreath is magnificent!!

    Would you PLEASE post it on my blog?

  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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  11. The colors look amazing and again you knocked it out with this wreath! I super heart loooove it!

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  13. That turned out so cute! Love the colors :)

    Visiting from HoH!

  14. I LOVE these colors together! I'd love for you to share this at my very first link party.

  15. That's such a cute wreath! Thanks for sharing :)

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm always taking random product photos outside too... I think the neighbors here have come to accept it.

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    You should come over today, there's a giveaway that's live right now :)

  17. Perfect colors and I love the look of this wreath a lot! I'm a sucker for anything with yarn! Awesome job!

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  22. I love red + aqua, too, and I think this would be pretty year-round. I pinned it today and I'll also link up tomorrow from our StyroCrafts' Facebook page. Thank you! Sharon


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