March 09, 2012

Faux Clock Tutorial

Ooh. I've so been dying to share this fun tutorial with you guys.

Mostly because I've been crazy jealous over all the fabulous clock redos and amazing-clocks-made-out of-anything type proejcts that I've seen in the blogosphere lately.
So I decided to quit drooling and make one for my mantle :)

So, here's my version of a funky faux clock:

I had the perfect piece of wood hanging out in my garage
(Is is just me, or do all my posts seem to have that in common??)
This piece was actually a shelf from a cabinet that a friend had given me.
Nice & sturdy.

I painted it with some white trim paint I had on hand because I wanted a super glossy finish.

I decided to use the tried and true printer transfer method so I printed out my roman numerals with my printer onto regular paper and laid them out.

I planned on putting a saying along the bottom so I kept the clock on the upper half.

All you do to get the ink to transfer is flip the paper over, hold down and then trace really well with a pencil over the numbers a couple times.

I actually found that it worked better to push the lead back into the pencil (obviously, I was using a mechanical one!) and use the dull end of the pencil to press down into the paper.

Worked like a charm to get the ink to transfer enough to see exactly where my numbers were.

And before you point it out,
My 12 is so not roman numerically correct (made up phrase? Probably)

But, eh.
Worse things happen.
And that's just part of the whole crafting experience, right?
Leave my 12 alone :) It's unique!

I used a black sharpie to fill in the numbers which was easy peasy.
That way I didnt' have to worry about crazy paint lines or anything.
Just drew right over 'em.

I had some awesome keys on hand from the Michael's Dollar bins that I thought would be PERFECT for clock hands.
I used a couple dabs of E6000 to keep them on.
Love. them.

And I used some rubons again to make my phrase at the bottom.
Love this quote and I thought it was appropriate for a clock :)

You can check out another way to use rub-ons to jazz up a piece here!

And after a little bit of distresing, my clock was ready to hang out for some pictures!

I love how the numerals slant off to the side.
Obviously, I have a thing for imperfection :)

Speaking of imperfection,
I'm totally not one to usually cover up the natural flaws in wood.
So no wood filling going on here.
All natural, baby :)

I think he turned out just fabulously :)
Not that he'll be very useful in actually keeping me on time to places.
But that's a feat nobody can really accomplish!
Just sayin'.

You can check out how I used him on my spring mantle over here!

Do you guys have a thing for clocks too?

Hope you enjoy seeing him as much as I do :)

I'm off to bury myself into homework, wish me luck!

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There will be so many fun things to win!!
Can't wait to see ya then :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is incredible!! I adore the keys as clock hands. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  2. That's great! I love that you used keys for the hands! Thanks for sharing at my party!

  3. Love how you used keys for the hands! Too clever, and I adore that quote & how appropriate for a clock!


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