March 29, 2012

Trash to Treasure Makeover: Chippy Door Sign

If you hung out with me enough,
you would very likely end up on one of my roadside rescue adventures :)

I mentioned on facebook a couple weeks ago that hubby went and bought me a cool multi-bit screwdriver for my bday and literally went to my car and put it inside.
He was not thrilled that I had been using my roadside emergency toolkit to take apart pieces of furniture so they could fit in my car.

I'm definitely that person who gets giddy for trash day because there's so many treasures that people just want to throw to the trash truck!
I've also been out in pouring rain to rescue a table and hopped out in between classes to rescue a cool piece I saw on my commute.

I've also learned that my little Camry can hold a lot more than I ever imagined.
(I should totally advertise for Toyota!)

I'm crazy.
But I get way fun pieces that way :)
I usually share pics of my most recent curbside finds on my facebook page as I get them,
so if you'd like to keep up with my craziness, head over and like my page!

I've gotten some insanely awesome pieces in the past couple weeks so I can't wait to show you some of the fun things I've been up to with them :)

But for now,
I'm going to show you a quick makeover with one of my smaller roadside rescues.

I found this awesome chippy door type dealio a while back and knew it would make a way cool sign.

Isn't it fun?
As soon as I grabbed it up, I knew I wouldn't change it too much.
I loved the original chippiness of it.

I wanted a super distressed, messy type design.
So I pulled out my old scrapbooking stash and used random stickers to make words all over the middle inset.
No rhyme or reason.
I just kinda played with it.

I then used white paint to paint over the whole middle inset.
While it was still drying, I used tweezers to peel the stickers off.
I purposefully made sure some of the stickers didn't lay down all the way because I wanted a little leakage :)
Adds to that whole distressed, messy look.

I have a whole bucket of cool hardware pieces so I mixed a couple pieces together, painted them blue and then screwed them on the bottom part of the board.

I distressed them a bit to let some of the dark brass come through.

I love, love how it turned out.
I love pieces that don't need a ton of work- just a little love :)

I didn't touch the original black color on the sides.
All natural, baby.

I think one of the hardest things for some people is being able to picture what something can be as soon as they see it.
So since they don't see something in their head right then, they'll pass it by.

Even if I can't see the finished design yet, I always look for potential.
For interesting little details.
Chances are, if it turns my head and makes me interested...
I know I'll end up having the perfect idea for it at some point.

It's a bit harder for me to justify when I see something at Goodwill or a flea market and don't know right off how I'm going to use it.
But my roadside items are free which means a free canvas for me to work with :)

My garage might have a hoarders-esque quality to it at times,
but I'm never lacking for inspiration and I'm always amazed at what a pile of old doors, drawers and scrap wood can become!!!

Right now, this guy is hanging in my garage right next to my door.
I like that it's a nice reminder of things that are important to us :)

Do you have any fun roadside rescue stories?
I'd love to hear them!!!

In the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of my bigger roadside rescue pieces!!
Aren't you excited??

I'm still working my little butt off trying to finish some of my school projects that are due soon :)
I hope you guys are having a great week.
Friday is so close!!

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  1. I like this a lot! I'm hoping I come across some old wood like this to try it out on.

  2. Are you kidding me? You have such TALENT girl! This looks fan-flipping-tastic! I love it so so much!!!

  3. This is a great trash to treasure project.

  4. Very cute!! I'm still not quite sure what a chippy door is though. Sorry. : (
    I will definitely be keeping an eye out while I'm driving though. And I can't wait to see your other finds!!

  5. Kelsey~ you are awesome. thank you for all your wonderful crafts and printables~ love you blog!

  6. That is really, really cool! I love the blue handle, great accent!

  7. The blue hardware totally stands out against the black! I love it!

  8. Gorgeous. I love the touch of blue! I love your trash to treasure projects, Kelsey! Genius once again. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. Hey there! I found you through your link at Oopsey Daisy and boy am I glad I came over! I LOVE this door/sign. I went to your about me section and found we have a lot in common (ex scrapbooker, loves things tattered and inked, etc. . . .). I have already subscribed to your blog and liked you on FB. You are doing an amazing job for a youngin' and should be proud of all you are accomplishing!

    Now, how in the world do you find these great treasures at the side of the road? My neighbors aren't throwing out anything but trash and old cardboard boxes! Maybe I can met you one day and go on a trash hunt? That would be a cool giveaway. . .

    Thanks for the great blog, so glad to have found you.



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