March 22, 2012

Winners of the 1000 Followers Giveaways!!!

Yep. That day is here!!
Where I get to announce all the winners from all the fabulous giveaways :)

Thanks so much again to all the wonderful blogs and shops that provided all the prizes!! You're the best!

so...are you ready??

Here goes!!
(all winners were picked via

Winner of the CuttingEdge Stencil Giveaway:

#23 Darlene

Winner of Mine for the Making Surprise Package:

#36 Cristen

Winner of the M & Em Sign:

#20 AubreyLaine

Winner of the Gallamore West Burlap Wreath:

#5 Tanya

Winner of Shop Credit to Perfectly Practical Adornments:

#12 Tiffany

Winner of Itsy Bitsy Paper Giveaway:

#18 Whitney

Winner of Kelsey Bang's Bag & Bowtie:

#6 Mica

PLEASE email me if you see your name above and have won a prize.
There were several that I did not have a way to contact you, so you will have 48 hours to email me or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered- I promise there will be more fun giveaways in the future :) 

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  1. Yay! I won!!!! I'm so excited!:)

    -Kelsey i sent you an email for claiming the prize just now!!:)


  2. Oh my goodness, YAY! I won the super cute wreath. I'll be e-mailing you right now :)


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