April 13, 2012

Another Blue Makeover

I've never been so happy for Friday to be here...
it seems like each week drags more & more.

Althought the catch 22 is that it also seems to never let me have enough time to get things done.
I've got finals & projects like crazy right now and keeping up with blog posts plus planning for little man's party in a week is about to have me falling asleep at the keyboard.
Not going to lie.
I'm completely worn out.

So just a quick before/after tonight and then I'm curling up in comfy clothes with hubby and probably falling asleep during whatever movie we put on :)

Here's hubby's end table before:

It's a piece I've actually already redone before.
A lovely I picked up from Habitat last year.

I love the lines and the white glazed finish was perfectly fine.
But of course, it had to match :)

So it turned blue.
It was a super quick transition.

I sprayed it down with Blue Ocean Breeze and then sealed it with some clear wax.
The hardware got spritzed with gloss white.

Hubby says he liked his white one better.
And I totally saw that coming.

But he hasn't seemed to mind his little blue table.
Besides his little comment that it now looked like 'a Tiffany box'.
Which made me happy :)
What girl doesn't love having Tiffany's in her room??

I really hope you've enjoyed checking out all things master bedroom this week!!
It's been so exciting sharing such a huge project with you guys.

It's definitely one of the projects I'm the most proud of :)

In case you've missed any of the previous posts, you can check them out below:

Love you guys and I so hope you have a great & restful weekend!
We have opening day for Tball in the morning and I'll be working on all kinds of superhero b-day projects :)

See ya Monday!!!

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  1. I really can't get over your room makeover! Still just amazes me Kelsey- seriously just amazing!! Do you make your bed everyday? Because it's still new and Fun!? ...why can't that habit stay? Love it girl!

  2. Love your bedroom. Love the blue nightstands - love them! Found you through Social Sunday. I'm your newest follower

  3. Lovely makeover! that is a great color!


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