April 11, 2012

DIY Weathered Wood Shelf

Happy Wednesday :)
It's always nice to be reminded that we're halfway through the week, right??

I'm excited to get to this weekend because I have a ton of projects to get done for little man's upcoming party.
I'll be painting and creating up a storm this weekend!!

In leiu of this week's theme of all things master bedroom,
I wanted to share my super easy (and probably somewhat lazy) DIY weathered wood shelf.

Remember this sweetheart hanging in my new room?

It's one of my favorite pieces in the room and it was sooo easy.
Mostly because I planned to keep it simple :)

I used the same weathered wood from my aqua end table.
I got this awesome fence wood from a friend of mine who rescued it from an old barn.
Sadly, I think this room finished my pile off.
So I'm on the lookout for more amazing weathered pieces.  

I cut the board with my miter saw to be a bit shorter than the width of my headboard.
I wanted it to hang above the headboard but not overwhelm it.

After cutting it to size, I sanded it smooth and then whitewashed a few coats onto it just to give it a little white color.

As for what I planned to set on top of it,
the same friend who gave me the wood had also given me a vintage window a while ago.
(I know! She's the best!)
I propped the window up on the shelf and kept my fun yarn letters I had made a while back.
They sit propped up in the middle of the window.

I added a few accessories I had from around the house- a mason jar with a piece of twine around it, a mercury glass candle holder from hubby, a wedding photo & a dollar store birdie.

I love the romantic look it gives the room.
I'm obsessed with vintage chic and my little window with it's amazing chippiness just oozes charm.

The white shelf brackets are from Lowes- I had them from when I used to have some shelving in my craft room.
They had been sitting at the top of a closet for a while so I was happy to have a new use for them.
The white scrolls were perfect in the room.

The weathered board is literally sitting on top of the brackets.
You can't get easier then just installing brackets and setting a board on them!!

This had been in my head since before I started working on the room and I was happy that I had already planned on incorporating the weathered wood because it worked so well in other parts of the room.

I liked tying in all the bright colors with some natural & vintage type pieces.

Do you like the weathered wood look?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
I hope I explained it well enough!

Later today, I"ll be sharing my how-to on making extra large monograms!!
I was super nervous about attempting them but I"m glad I did.
So head over later today to check out how you can make some too!!

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  1. I really like this whole display. So cute!

  2. Saw this at A Turtle's Life...I love it! I have a piece of barn wood sitting against my desk right now and I was wondering what to hang it on...I just love those brackets!

  3. oh my gosh i love this! i totally want to make one for my house. we'd love to have you link this up to our Sunday Best party going on right now.

  4. This is such a wonderful piece. I love that look and I agree that it adds "romanticness" to the room. Well done!


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