April 26, 2012

DIY Wooden Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes seem to be all the rage right now, don't they??

We had cupcakes last year for little man's party and this year he wanted them again and I was totally fine with that!
Because I really really wanted an excuse to make a cute cupcake tower.

Last year, for the pirate party, I went the whole plate & candlestick tower route.
But I wanted something a little more durable & not-so-scary to store this time around.

Plus, I may have used some of the cute striped plates from last year on my plate wall...
so we needed a new cupcake tower!
Enter the DIY wooden cupcake tower...

I have some awesome scrap banister pieces from when my parent's remodeled their house that I had been dying to use.
So I built my idea around them and went from there.

Here's what I gathered:

(I'm telling you materials for ONE tower, I made two. So if you want to make two as well, make sure to double what's on the list)


*One Rectangle Unfinished Wood Piece (Hobby Lobby)
*One Oval Unfinished Wood Piece (Hobby Lobby)
*Long screws (I used deck screws)
*Four feet (I used generic wooden knobs)
*One mini wooden candlestick (Not pictured)
*One Wooden Ball (Not pictured)
*Candlestick/Banister for middle piece
(I used my banister piece, but you could use a regular wooden candlestick instead)  

I was just trying to use mostly what I had on hand which is why I used wooden knobs as feet.
You can be creative with this and use blocks, large beads, spools, etc. for your feet.
I just loved how they looked like mini bun feet on the bottom :)

They were going to be painted, so it didn't matter what color they were, as long as they were the same shape. 

For the middle section support, I used one of my banister peices and made cuts to get the piece I wanted with my miter saw.

For extra support (I wanted them to be pretty durable)
I used long screws to attach the banister piece to the bottom level and the top level.
I just screwed the bottom piece from underneath and the top piece was going to have an embellishment on top so you wouldn't see the screw when you were done.

I used hotglue to add the mini wooden candlestick and wooden ball to the top.
Just to look pretty :)

Then I painted everything white.

Lastly, to get a cute finished look on the edges, I used some washi tape!
I LOVE this stuff and found mine at Target.
It's basically a paper tape so it's really easy to peel off if I ever get tired of it or want to change it for different events.

I went around both the top level and the bottom level edges and just smoothed the tape down as I went.

The little knob feet were painted white and then hotglued on too.

Not too bad, right??
And a way cute place for your cupcakes to sit...

There's a million different ways to make your own...just be creative and look around at what you already have!
You never know what's lying around, waiting to be turned into something fabulous!!

I love these towers because I'll be able to use them over and over again.
Plus I can change the colors whenever I get tired of the black and white tape.

What do you think?
Do you need a cupcake tower for your next party??

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! I love how yours look!

  2. What a cute and fun idea. So versatile and can be changed into any design. Thanks for sharing this fab idea!

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    XO, Aimee

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