April 12, 2012

Dresser Redo for Master Bedroom

I told ya I'd be back later today :)

Now before anyone scrolls down and sees my little dresser before it was painted and gasps in horror that I would want to paint it...

let me tell you.
It looks in a lot better shape than it really was.

We got it as a set when we first got married from JC Penney.
It is a nice dresser and I love it lots but for some reason, the top of it just attracted scratches and who knows what else.
It was marred all over and I was so tired of looking at the gross top, I tried to cover it up with a runner of sorts.

And I hated that.

I DID go back and forth about painting it but finally decided that it mattered more that I would like it in the end than whether or not I thought it was bad to paint it.
So please don't hate me.
It's pretty now. Promise.

So here's the before in the old room:

It is that pretty dark wood that I love but like I said, the top was yuck and the room desperately needed some lightening up.

It was the first project we tackled after painting the entire room.
We dumped it's contents all on top of my bed (that was fun...)
and then took all the drawers out outside.
It was a pretty day so it made painting easy and quick :)

My biggest tip for painting a big piece like this is to use a nice roller on all the flat parts.
It makes it go quick and you won't have to worry about brush strokes as much.

I love my Cutting Edge Stencil roller so I used it on the top, sides and the drawer fronts.
I was lucky to have a dresser that didn't have a lot of detailing in it except for on the corners.

I painted it in a Sherwin Williams sample in Snowbound.
A soft, pretty white that went on super creamy.

After I had a couple coats on,
I took some fine grit sanding paper and went over the edges and corners with it.

I wanted a nice, distressed look and this piece was made for it, let me tell you.
I was getting giddy as it was all coming together.
It was just absolutely meant to be white.

I distressed it until it made me happy and then sealed it with a clear wax.

Ooh. Isn't it pretty??

The white brought out all it's gorgeous lines and those beautiful pillar-type corners it had.
You never even really noticed them before.

And I actually put the hardware back on backwards.
Totally on purpose too.

The fronts had a design on it that almost resembled the Confederate Flag.
The backsides were smooth so I flipped them when they went back on.
And they pop so much more now.
They were completely lost on the dark wood before.

You can tell the GINORMOUS difference in the before & after of the room.
So much airier and happy, huh??

I will totally admit that I was nervous painting a piece that was in fairly good condition,
but I am so so so glad that I went with my gut feeling.

It makes me smile every time I walk in the room.
Nothing like a nice fresh coat of white paint to freshen a room up!!!

Tell me, tell me,
are you mad that I painted it??

Or do you agree that it was totally destined to be white??

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  1. It's like night and day. It looks a million times better with the new paint job. It was time ;) You rocked it girl. Looks fab-u-lous!!

    ENJOY =)

  2. I'm lovin' the lighter feel to the whole room! Beautiful! Orange and blue so pretty together. The only thing I would change would be to move the tv somewhere else so the dresser really stands out. Tell hubby you need a new flat screen?! LOL! Nice job! I get inspired every time I see what you're up to.

  3. I think it looks great painted. I have some old pieces that I have started thinking about painting. Blogs like yours help me realize it's okay to paint the wood.!

  4. Girl, you did so right to paint it - it looks fantastic! Good job!

  5. It looks amazing white! You have inspired me to tackle my dresser now! :)

  6. oak wardrobe
    Really excellent dresser.Good looking dresser.I love dressers everywhere ... in the entry to put mitts and scarfs and the phone book ... in the den for all those remotes, matches for the fireplace, candles, coasters, etc ... You always need storage!

  7. What type paint is it?..satin, flat, eggshell, gloss?
    Looks fantastic!

    1. Lee- this was a satin paint so it gave it a nice, smooth finish without being too glossy!!


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