April 10, 2012

Easy 10 Minute Lamp Makeover

I'm baack :)

Is it surprising to have me around twice during the day?
I love room makeover weeks because there's so much to share!!

I shared my trash to treasure end table this morning in case you missed it and I promised I'd be back later with a super easy lamp redo.

So back I am!!

One of the projects I had on my list (at the veeerry top) was doing something about our lamps.
I was soooo over them.

We bought one of those three lamp set thingies when we got married and they were boooring.

I had in my mind that it needed a drum shade so I was on the lookout for a while for a cheap one to recover.
I figured Goodwill or Target might have something cheap at some point.
But then, on a fabulous turn of events, I got a gift card to Hancock Fabrics for Christmas.
When wandering around there, I found these awesome drum shades that were made to be recovered!

And they were only nine bucks!
I was so excited- cuz shades can get expensive so this was a score.
Plus free to me because I had my gift cards.
I grabbed two and then went looking for fabric.

I found my awesome orange fabric at Hancocks too so my gift card was definitely put to good use!!

And when it came time to get the lamps done, it literally took ten minutes.

Shades to recover
Fabric of choice
Fabric Scissors
Hot Glue Gun
Trim of choice (optional)

Even though I used shades that were plain and meant to be recovered, you can take any old one and give it a new life.

Just make sure you pick fabric that won't let the old patterns show through if you have that.

The reason I was so excited about these lampshades I found was that not only were they cheap,
but they were made to be recovered.

Meaning they were super awesome!They had a piece of contact paper all around the shade that peeled off, leaving the exact shape of the lampshade.

All you do is peel the paper off, lay it on your fabric and then cut the fabric you need.
I made sure to leave a good inch around each side because I wanted pretty folds that wrapped around the edges.
You could add ribbon or trim to the bottom and top of the lamp to cover raw edges but I wanted just my fabric.

So I used the pattern to cut my fabric... 

The next amazing thing was that the lampshade itself was sticky after you peeled the paper off.
This made it sooo easy for the fabric to stay on and smooth down.

I carefully wrapped the fabric around the shade and overlapped the meeting edges.
I used a little hot glue to adhere that edge down.

Then I turned to the inside of the shade.
I used hot glue to carefully attach the edges along the inside rims.
Kind of a pain, but it went quick.

To cover the raw edges inside, I used twil ribbon.
I just glued it over top the raw edges.

Then it was time to switch out the old boring shade for the new, fabulous one!!

And, of course, have a photo shoot!
I showed you this pic of our kitty, Simon before but he's so cute he can be shown again,right?

This is really one of my favorite transformations of the room.
I can't believe what a little fabric change can do!

Hubby was even super impressed :)

Need a reminder of the before??
Check it out!

I redid both of our lamps and it only took about 10 minutes!
So...Go cover those boring lamps that need a little personality!

It's so worth it :)

My lamp redos were free because of my gift cards but here's the breakdown if you were buying the supplies:

Lamp shade: 9$
Fabric: About 5$ a yard
(I used about half a yard for each)
Ribbon Trim: 2$
Total:  13.50

It would be even cheaper if you were using a lampshade you already had.
I just wanted a different shape so I changed it out.

Hope it gives you a little inspiration for your own lamps :)

I'll see you guys tomorrow with some details about some of the accessories in my room!
Check out the whole room reveal here!

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  1. Amazing what a little pop of color and easy little projects can do! Great job on those lamps, they really make the room!!

  2. Lamp redos are SO fun and I just LOVE the fabric you picked for yours. I also love the shape of the lamp shade. These bedroom reno posts have been so fun :)

  3. Cute! I love the fabric choice. :]

  4. Great job on the lamp! I hopped over from the CSI Project and I'm your newest follower. I would love if you stopped by to visit. Lori


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