April 11, 2012

Extra-Large Wood Mongram How-To

Hey ya'll!!

I'm back yet again :)

I promised you this morning to show you how I made my extra-large monograms!!

Here they are hanging on the wall:

First of all,
these were not in the original plan I had for the room.

They came about after I had stenciled the wall orange and laid down on the bed to look at it and I thought that I hated it.
Hubby wasn't too fond of it either.

We went from a pretty dark room before and I think the bright colors were a huge shock.
Still, even after a day or so of staring at that stenciled wall,
I decided that I did NOT hate it...but that it was missing something.

That's when my crazy head started conjuring up ideas of some big mongrams hanging in the negative space on the wall.

I sketched out an "M" (for my hubby Mychal) and a "K" (for Kelsey)
on some scrap pieces of MDF I had.

I free-handed them...
but don't get too excited because they were all straight lines.
I used a binder to help me keep them straight.
And K's and M's are pretty easy anwho.

Then I took my jigsaw (who I'm pretty much in love with)
and carefully cut on all my straight lines.

My "M" got a little wonky but I lurve it :)

I also snatched a rectange piece of MDF and laid them all out.

I painted them all a trim white and using some stencils to put the word 'and' on the rectangle piece.

I hammered some sawtooth hangers on the back
(two are on the M)
and hung them up.

I rubbed a little bit of black ink around the edges to jazz them up a bit.

I'm so so glad my mind decided something looked like it was missing.
Because these guys should have been in the plan since the beginning.

I love that they bring a little bit of us into the room.
Hubby loved it
(but mostly I think he's proud that I used power tools)

So there ya have it.

Extra large monograms.
Don't be scared of the jigsaw, I promise it's so easy to learn to use.
Just be safe :)

I think it's one of the best beginner power tools to use.
Besides the miter saw that just makes standard straight cuts.
But I got my jigsaw for Christmas, read through the manual and started cutting things up within 20 minutes :)

I was intimidated a little at first though.
But just think of all the fun stuff you can make!!!
(That's what always motivates me!)

Don't you need some huge mongrams in your life??
I'm pretty sure everyone does!!

In case you've missed one of master bedroom projects this week here's the running list so far:

Coming tomorrow:
Dresser Before & After
DIY Wall Art & Belt-rack

Have a great Wednesday guys!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness Kelsey! These look amazing!

  2. how fun! they look great! :) And I am totally impressed with your power tools skills!!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  3. Love, love, love! Love it even more since me and Hubby's initials are K and M. :) AND he is Micheal! You did an awesome job!

  4. Terrific :) Great tutorial! :)

  5. Love that! Make me want to make one for my son! I'm now following via GFC thanks to the linky party ;)

  6. I love these! And I love the stencil too. That's such a cute idea. I would love for you to share this at my link party

    p.s. I love the colors of your blog layout :)


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