April 30, 2012

Guest Post: Four Marrs & One Venus (Scrabbled out Address Plaque)

Hi there Tattered and Inked readers!
 I am so happy that Kelsey asked me to come on over and hang at her place today! First, I LOVE Tattered and Inked, Kelsey and all her amazing projects- I would be absolutely Crazy to pass up this opportunity! 
So, Thank you once again girl for having me!
Here is the 4-1-1 on me:

My name is Jen

I have been blogging for 4 months now and LOVE it! 
Over at my little space you will find 3 cute boys and 1 Stud!
{and of course, recipes, crafts, this and thats}

Today I brought a little something special to share with you!
Now when I think of Tattered and Inked, 2 things come to mind:
Spray Paint
The Color Teal

{Am I right?}

Kelsey turned me on to Spray Painting, and I can't get enough of it!
I dare you to try it once. just once. and the next day you will have that can out again, spraying something else. It is that addicting...and she did warn me, but I just Love what it does! I am addicted.

I have this problem.

You see ever since we had the house painted {over a year ago} we never put the address numbers back.

My mind got to thinking, and then my hands to creating!

Scrabbled Out Address Plaque
Say What?

And Then...

AND all done!

Set that baby up out front, with some Blooming Pals-and Wa-laa!

Hope you all enjoyed this little creation! You can find me and all my other fun creations over at my little Space, so feel free to come over and say hi!  

Thanks again Kelsey for having me today, I really enjoyed being here!


  1. Super cute Jen! What a fun way to display your address :)

  2. Super cute Jen! I need to find some old scrabble game next time I am out thriftin'! Oh how I wish we could grow bird of paradise here :-( Yours are so lovely! Have a great week doll face ♥

  3. Perfection, Jen! Now I need one! You are too creative girly!


  4. Love it Jen! I'm all signed up to follow Kelsey so I can get down the the spray paint crowd now too. :)

  5. Glad to have followed you over...cute project...i gotta get me some spray paint :)

  6. Great idea Jen! Love it! I'm so excited to have another wonderful blog to follow!

  7. Love it Jen! Your so freakin crafty!
    xoxo J

  8. Thank you Ladies for the much Love on my guest post! What on earth would I do without you?!?! I never want to know! You all made my day, thanks so much- and Yes, you will be so happy to be following this Awesome Blog. Kelsey's Ideas will blow your mind-ahhhmazing! Thank you all once again! Jen

  9. Awesome post!! It looks amazing! Good job, Jen! :D

  10. Love it, Jen!! The front of our house needs new numbers in the worst way! Love your style!

  11. What a neat-o idea, Jen!! I Love it! Is so getting pinned right now!

  12. You ladies just make me smile- no other way to put it! Love you all and thanks for the wonderful nice comments and support! Hugs to you all!! Love-Jen

  13. I love that you used scrabble letters! Such a crafty lady!


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