April 02, 2012

A Little Twist on an Old End Table

Ah, it's nice to be back to comfy beds, electricity and a cold fridge.
But camping was sure fun :)
I miss the water, sunshine and quiet surroundings.

Little man soaked it all up and it was our first time to take our little aussie, Bentley, with us on a trip.
Our pup is definitely a camping dog.
He loved it!

And it is soooo hard to make yourself return when you know you have a crazy week ahead.

But I'm starting the week off right with a bright and colorful before and after.
Those are the best, right??
You might have seen a peek of it when I shared some sneak peeks on Friday.
If you haven't seen the sneaks of my master room makeover, you should def check it out :)
I'm excited!

My friend, Chantelle, recently moved back here with her hubby and she had a ton of furniture she wanted to makeover.
They had a limited budget and needed a way to make do with all their childhood and hand-me-down pieces.
She was thrilled when I told her to truck them over to my garage so we could get to work.

We've already redone several pieces and I thought it was high-time I start getting them up on the blog :)

So this is the first of many!

We started with a, er, well-loved end table she had.

I think most of you would wholeheartedly agree with me that this poor thing needed some serious TLC.
Luckily, we had a lot of that to give :)
In the form of some fabulous aqua paint!!

We gave it two coats of a delicious aqua that Chantelle had picked out.
Then I handed her the glaze and a brush and set her loose.

She was kind of nervous at first that I was entrusting her with what looked like black paint to use on her freshly painted table.
But I guess she trusted me that she wouldn't ruin it and had at it.

Love the effect the glaze gives :) 

We decided it needed an extra punch of something amazing so we tossed ideas back and forth for a while.
We finally decided to add a stenciled 'hers' to the front edge.
Once we find the perfect end table, we'll be doing a matching 'his' for her hubby.
He's thrilled :)

We did the tried and true method of printing out the type we liked,
taping it down with painters tape,
and carefully painting it with some white paint I had on hand.

I'm loving stencils right now!!!
Are you on that bandwagon with me?? 

We went back over the stark white letters with a little glaze too.

To finish it up, we added a cute glassy knob from the Michael's Dollar Spot to the drawer.

Isn't it looking glamorous now?

I love the new knob...totally the romantic look Chantelle was wanting.

I love how the stenciled letters give it a bit more personality than your average piece.
Which is totally necessary in her house.
There's a lot of personality there too :)

I can't wait to show you what else we've been doing with that aqua paint.
But until then,
one more look at the transformation this piece went through...

I can say it over and over but it never ceases to be any less true...
paint is so powerful.

Not only was it wayy cheaper than buying a new piece,
but it totally reflects her personality and makes it a one of a kind :)

Are you liking the aqua makeover?
Have you made over any fun pieces lately?
This week is going to be ca-razy as usual.
I've got a ton of big projects to turn in and present.

And only a few weeks left until Little man's bday.
I've got tons of ideas but need to get something real started :)

Hope you guys have a great Monday!!

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  1. Great job - it looks so fun in aqua with the HERS letters! Mary

  2. Pretty Aqua! I love that glaze look too, you ladies did a wonderful job on this piece! I always love seeing what you got going up that sleeve of yours Kelsey, so so fun! That knob adds the PERFECT touch.

  3. Love the color, it's my fav, and the stencil is perfect!

  4. This is gorgeous!! I just made over an end table in my living room, but yours definitely turned out much better! Do you put a coat of poly on too?

  5. Gorgeous! You ladies did a great job!

  6. That is just adorable! Great transformation - the aqua paint, glass knob and 'hers' are genius!! ;)

  7. I love the color you used. So pretty!!

  8. absolutely adorable! I love the "Hers". Now she needs a "His" :-)

  9. This is DARLING!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!!

  10. What a fun re-do! I never would have guessed it was the same piece!

  11. Once again, the color is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy! XO

  12. This is SO cute! Love how it turned out. Such a great idea! {hugs}

  13. That end table turned out so good! I love the aqua color. I saw your link at tatertots and jello's party.

  14. So pretty, Kelsey! I honestly don't know how you get so much stuff done! Thanks so much for sharing and I just spotlighted it!

  15. what a fun project! I love the "hers" nightstand!
    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can.


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