April 05, 2012

Simple Rocker Update

So I decided to go ahead and make this a whole furniture redo week :)

I showed you my little stenciled end table on Monday
and I thought I'd follow it up with another friend project!!

I love it when my friends decide they need a crafty fix and come bearing fun projects to my house!
One of our crafty days consisted of this way awesome rocking chair:

Isn't it amazing?
My friend is having a baby soon and her mother-in-law found this little treasure in New Mexico!

I mean, take a look at those curvy legs...

And for all of those who were about to shake their heads at the thought of covering that pretty wood with paint...
don't you worry :)
She decided she really liked the wood color and wanted to keep it.
It was in pretty good condition too so I totally agreed with her.
So no paint this time around!

She was really nervous about committing to a color and didn't want anything too crazy so I introduced her to my favorite: duck cloth!!

Remember my pillows I made out of duck cloth?
I love the stuff.

I told her we could personalize it and it still be somewhat neutral.
She was sold :)

We recovered both of the seat cushions carefully.
The back cushion was super tricky because both sides are covered and you have to have neat seams.
Getting them off was a process too- they were literally hammered onto itty bitty nails around the inner rim of the chair.

Once the back cushion was covered,
we found a font that she liked and printed out an 'M' for their last name.
Even though it was going in the nursery, she wanted it to be able to go in other rooms too so we kept it all in the family :)

We printed the monogram,
used the negative as a stencil
and then just pounced some brown paint on.

We added a little swirl stencil underneat the M to jazz it up a bit too.

I don't have pictures of the putting-the-cushions-back-on process because OH. EM. GEE.
It was a pain.

Getting those newly covered cushions to fit perfectly back on the nails was not going down without a fight.
But between the three of us girls, we won :)

Isn't the back pretty with her monogram?
Simple but sweet.

I love how simple the change was but it's dramatic, isn't it?
It's amazing what changing the fabric can do.
And paint, yes, always paint.
But this time just a pinch :)

Check out her new look verses her old one:

What do you think?
Are you glad we left the original wood?

If anyone knows what kind of rocker this is...please tell :)
It's got to have a special name... it's so so unique.


So if you liked my master room sneak peek from last week...
you'll love what's coming tomorrow!!!

I'm sharing a quick piece that was made over for the room
(and you might just get a further glimpse into the room too!!!)

Remember this pic?

Well, let's just say that you've already seen a tiny portion of it...
Aren't you intrigued??
See ya tomorrow :)

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  1. When I see transformationauke this, even simple ones, it always inspires to look beyond first impressions! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So So pretty! Oh my Kels you really did this up, I really love the original wood color, so dark and handsome! And that fabric, neutral perfect touch with the monograms....amazing! So pretty, great job my lady!

  3. Love how simple it is you really see her curves!

  4. I love practically anything with a monogram!! And this looks so much better!!. Awesome job :)

  5. Wow! Great makeover. These chairs look great! Love the color combination. beds and mattresses for online sale


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