April 24, 2012

Superhero Fifth Birthday Party!!

Hooray for a successful birthday party!!!

That's totally how I feel :)

I love putting on a good party but goodness, these past few weeks have been ca-razy with all kinds of chaos.
I'm still shocked that I was able to get everything done.
The actual party went by in a whirlwind, which it always seems to do.
You spend weeks preparing for it and then it's over in .2 seconds.
Or so it seems :)

I thought it about time to show some of the superhero fabulousness that went on at little man's fifth birthday party this past weekend!
Are you ready for some super awesome pictures???
I hope so- cuz I've got lots of 'em!!

I'll be sharing more indepth parts of the party throughout the week.
I totally had to take yesterday off from posting to prepare for my finals this week.

So expect some fun printables, food tips & some of the ideas I used in the next few days :)
Aren't you super excited???

So! Onto the fun...

I so LOVE how the food table turned out- it had been rolling around in my head for a while now.
My favorite thing ever is my cabinet door backdrop.
You know I love me some cabinet doors.
Plus I can use them over and over again so they weren't a one-time thing!

I don't know that I quite have a tutorial for them but if you're dying to know, I can definitely figure out how to get one together :)

I had this vintage-y pan lying around in the garage and it was perfect for announcing where the 'power fuel' could be found.
Because all little superheroes need power fuel to keep going, right?
I used some magnetic letters from the dollar store covered in washi tape. 

I'm doing a whole post later this week on the food so keep your eyes out for it :)
But this was totally little man's idea, having the Joker Juice.

Kara from Mine for the Making totally turned me onto this way cute Etsy shop, Hey YoYo.
I got all the amazing straws & cupcake liners from there.
Plus you get the printables for the straw flags.
I just added fun superhero words to them and printed them out. Easy peasy.

I made a cute printable banner to string from the cabinet doors and I love love how it turned out.
Nothing easier than pressing print and having an instant cute banner.
Don't worry, the download for it may be popping up soon :) 

I made up the DIY cupcake stands in my head from random materials (tutorial coming soon)
and then used the cute cupcake liners from Hey YoYo on the cupcakes.
The cupcake toppers are my printables as well.
I love making them- they're super easy and customizable.

These were one of my 'night-before-the-party' projects I whipped out.
I made the rag runners for each of the tables and it was super easy, but a little time intensive.
Totally worth it though!!

Random picture of Super-Bentley!!
Little man insisted I make him a cape when I was making a bunch one day.
So we added a "B" to his and he surprisingly loved wearing it :)
Probably because he knew little man totally wanted him to wear it.
He loves that kid.

We had a table set up to greet the little heroes as they came in.
I just wrote 'welcome heroes' on a chalkboard I had and propped it up on the table.

And of course you can't forget to leave with some superhero swag.
Their treat bags were on the front table so they could grab one as they left.
I'll share the super-secret details on what was in them later this week!!
(so I guess that means they're not really super-secret, huh?) 

I also set up a table in the backyard with all kinds of superhero costumes.
We had several masks and I made about six capes from some clearance fabric I found.
Nothing fancy, but they kids LOVED them.

Lots of bad guy fighting went on in little man's fort- which we dubbed the "Joker's Lair".
Even the dads got in on it.
They had just as much fun as the kids.

I couldnt' get very decent pictures of our poor trampoline but it was the hightlight of the party.
When our safety net got ripped to shreds, I decided to utilize the poles as targets for a "Captain America Target Practice' arena.
I put a bucket filled with mini nerf guns and ammo out there and the kids went to town!!
Little man didn't even want to stop for presents- haha. 

Tutorials for the targets are coming later too :)

My sweet superhero :)
He had to be Batman of course!!

I definitely ended the day feeling like it had been a super success!
(Are you tired of me saying 'super' yet?)

Little man said it was the best party ever and that was enough for me to know all the craziness was completely worth it :)

I can't wait to share all the fun details with you throughout the rest of the week so definitely keep checking back- I'll have some fun freebies for you too!!
So you know you don't want to miss it!!

What do you think?
Do you think it was a super success as well???

My Superhero Party Free Printables Found Below:

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  1. What a fabulous Mom you are to give your son a superhero themed birthday! That table looks ah-mazing. I think it was a super success. It made me want an invitation.

  2. I love it! You did a GREAT job :) And I think you got the pics up super fast... I'm "thinking" about posting Jake's pictures. Does that count?! Because seriously- in my mind I want to do it, but my body just wants to sleeeeeeep :)

  3. He sure looks happy- what a great job! My little guy is turning 5 the end of May and ideas have been swirling in my head for a bit now too. How nice to feel like it was all worth and really made everyone happy- that sense of success makes just about anything worth it as a Mom, eh? :) It look like your cupcakes are white underneath the read, as though they were dipped or something- how did you do that? I'm anxious to see your follow-ups! :)

  4. Best boy birthday party ever!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! He's so lucky you are his momma ;)

  5. Kelsey,

    I think one look at Little Man's face answers your question of whether it was a success or not! You did a fabulous job on it all, can't wait to hear more and see the printables and tutorials. Congrats on making it through and doing such a SUPER job (sorry it had to be said)!

  6. that is one awesome party girl!

  7. Holy Batman! That party was so super- I am not even being a joker right now! ;) WOW did you just create the Cutest Super Hero party Ever girl!! You nailed it! Great great job!! I bet little man was stoked and smiled the entire time! Well done Mom!

  8. I LOVE it! I will be using the ideas come October if my "super" kid is still into super heros then!

  9. This is totally cute. I would love if you shared it on my link party.

    Can't wait to see what you craft next.


  10. How fun!
    I have a little boy that would LOVE this! Pinning it.

  11. Great idea! So clever!
    I would love if you came by my party to link up - I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. This is so great. I'm so glad i have a boy now so I can do great stuff like this.

  13. Everything looks wonderful!! great job! I love parties :)

  14. You did a wonderful job! Everything looks just perfect! Hope he had a great time!

  15. What an adorable party!! I think it turned out great.


  16. What an adorable party!! I think it turned out great.


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  19. I love your party ideas! I loved how you named each particular food had names related to the party theme. That's a stroke of genius on you part. Although I'm not sure whether the kids would actually care for what they're called. Haha! And you're kid looks super cute in his costume! I'm sure the party was a blast! Kudos to you!

    Bruce Naughton

  20. Superman is always an amazing choice when it comes to super hero cost.

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  22. You're so creative... Crazy that you pulled this party together in the middle of a move. These ideas are adorable. Thanks!

  23. You're so creative... Crazy that you pulled this party together in the middle of a move. These ideas are adorable. Thanks!


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