April 26, 2012

Superhero Invites & Swag Bags

I could seriously spend about two weeks sharing superhero-themed posts!
So cramming everything I want to show you into four days is TOUGH.

I did so many DIY projects for little man's birthday to try and keep thing personalized (and cheap of course!) so if it's too much superhero overload...I'm sooo sorry!!

But it's kinda fun too :)

I shared some fun superhero food ideas yesterday after the big party reveal...
and I've got several posts coming up today to share all kinds of goodies with you!

Up first...getting your heroes to the party and some fun superhero swag bags!!

I surfed all over the internet for some inspiration for superhero invites and there are tons of ideas out there!
I ended up playing around on picnik one afternoon and came up with this:

I made the background from all kinds of superhero comic words and ended up printing a strip of that right onto the envelopes as well.
I had to make my computer really love me in order to coax it do that correctly.
But I love how they turned out!

And because I love you guys SO much,
I'm including a blank invite download just for you!
Just download it from the site, then use your favorite editing program (I use now) and add the words into the bubbles.
I put our address under the 'Superhero training headquarters'. 

And of course, our heroes couldn't leave without some super awesome swag bags.
I set them up on a little table I had by the front gate so they could get them as they left.

A little red crate that I had held them all perfectly :)

What's inside??
All kinds of awesomeness!!

*A couple of superhero crayons from Michaels (Dollar Spot)
*DIY Mini Coloring Book
*DIY Superhero Magnets
*Superhero Candy (Dollar Store) 

The magnets were little man's favorite part!!
Want to know how to make your own?
They're super easy!!

*Blank Wood Pieces (from Hobby Lobby- I got squares & circles)
*Mod Podge
*Black Paint
*Magnet Printables (in whichever shape you use)
*Craft Magnet Strips

1. Gather your needed supplies.

2. Print off the Magnet printables (downloads below).
I inserted them into a Word document so I could manipulate them into the sizes I needed. It's a little trial and error but then you can copy & paste them so you get a whole sheet.
Print them on white cardstock.

3. Paint your squares & circles with black craft paint.

4. Cut all your printables out (I used a straight-edge cutter & circle punch)

5. Modpodge all the printables onto each wooden shape. Make sure to give them a top coat too.

6. Cut pieces of craft magnets, peel off the back and attach to each wooden piece.

Now you have some way cute (and incredibly unique) magnets to give to your little heroes!
Little man LOVED helping to make these!

I also printed off a cover page for some DIY coloring books:

I found some superhero coloring pages online and printed them on cardstock.
Then I just folded the cardstock paper in half & used a piece of thin string to tie the books together in the middle. 

Put all your goodies into a clear treat bag, tie with a piece of thin ribbon and attach a little thank you tag!

Fun & easy way to have unique swag for your heroes!
Plus you'll be a hero in your kiddos eyes for having the coolest treats around :)

You didn't think I'd leave before giving you a few more freebies, did you??

How about a BUNCH more freebies?

Like some of your own blank thank you tags.
Upload them into your favorite photo editor and add your own thank you message!!

Click below to download:

Here are the four different designs for the square magnets.
I used them in Word to get the size I wanted and then printed whole sheets of them.

Click below to download:

For the circle magnets, I used a circle punch which made it super easy to get them done.
Size them according to your wooden circles!

Click below to download:

And lastly, a little swag sign to set out to announce where your heroes can pick up their treats!

I printed mine out as a 5x7 which only took up half a piece of cardstock.
So I folded the paper in half and set it up that way on the table.
But you could stick it in a cute frame or hang it with ribbon too.

I so hope you enjoy the free printables!!
They were fun to make and I know it definitely makes it easier when you have a little bit of freedom in creating your own things :)
Not to mention that even though ink is a bear to buy, it's still cheaper than buying all store-bought things!!

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on what you think about the superhero swag and invites!!!

I'll be back later today with a fun DIY building project :)
One of my fave things I did for the party- so be on the lookout!!

For a full list of all my superhero printables, visit the bottom of
this post.

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  1. Superhero Swag is just so so cute LOL! Love all the freebies youre sharing! Such a fun party he had

  2. Thank you so much for showcasing your amazing creative ideas and best fo all for being kind enough to share the freebies. I am planning a superhero party for my 3 yr old in April and will definitely share the photographs with you from sunny Dubai :D

  3. Thank you for all the freebies! I am planning a superhero party for my son who is turning 4. Do you happen to have a download of the front of the coloring books you made? Thanks :) Kelly

    1. I don't have the download for that one :/ You can easily make one with just using their free fonts!!! Let me know if you need help- sorry I don't have the download!!

    2. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the info as well and I'll have to try that site out. :) I'll post a link to my site to show you how the party went sometime soon.


  4. Thank you so much for including all the freebies! I am mid-planning my son's 5th birthday party.

  5. Thank you SOOOO much - used invites and swag sign for my son's party. You are a life saver!!

  6. Hi, You got nice collection of
    birthday invitations. I love them, thank you for sharing.


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