May 07, 2012

Apparently I'm Obsessed with Doors...Who Knew?

Ahh! I've missed you guys!!!

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I last talked to you guys.
I don't think I've had this long of a break from a computer in for.ever.

Which is sad...but true.
I've been on for bits and pieces of time to update Facebook but nothing huge.

Right now, I'm hanging out in Lafayette Louisiana for the second week of my two week clinical here.
Me and a classmate are 'interning' at The Fontana Center which is an amazing industrial work rehab and assessment center.

I've learned TONS so far (like knowledge OVERLOAD) and pretty much have been stumbling my way around trying to figure things out.

And today is the first day that I feel like I actually felt like  I knew what I was doing.
So yay for that!!!

It's been a definite shock to the system to go from sitting in the nice, cool classrooms all day to all of a sudden be thrown in an evironment that consists of a non-air conditioned warehouse filled with oil rigging equipment, sweaty guys that I have to learn to talk to and lead through assessments and standing on concrete floors for eight plus hours a day.

It's been different, let me tell you that!!!!

But amazing all the same.
I've got four days left though and I can't WAIT to see hubby and little man.
Like dying to get my arms around them!!!

It hasn't been completely all work though- we did sneak away on Saturday to check out what all the fuss about New Orleans is.
Neither of us had ever been and all we heard from people at The Fontana Center when they heard we were going was 'be careful!" (which isn't that comforting to two arkansan girls!)

But we lived and after looking through all our pictures of New Orleans...
I realized that I have a complete OBSESSION with doors.
Who knew that was going on???

They were so FUN there.
Check out some of my faves....

The first ones that made me flip my stuff were when we were walking down to The French Market.
These aqua doors lined the walkways and made me smile so much!
I took tons of pics of them...I think they reminded me of my blue living room :)

I  so want these doors in my house someday.
Love love love.

These cute little green doors were tucked into an alleyway and I loved how quant they were :)
Aren't all the colors fun??

Again with the colors!!
Makes Little Rock look so amazingly bland.

Rows and rows of doors!!!

Love these metal green doors :)

And of course I had to leave you with those blue doors again.
So pretty :)

We decided that since we got out of New Orleans without being mugged, kidnapped or killed, that we should count it as a successful day!!!

All of this to pretty much say that I LOVE YOU and I have NOT forgotten about all my lovelies here in blogland!
I'll be popping in and out this week as I finish up here and head back home on Saturday!

Eeee...can't wait to get home :)
My own bed, refridgerater, my own space...shower...something other than coin laundry.
Living it up in the hotel definitely lost its charm QUICK!

Hope you guys are doing great!!
Any exciting things happening with you??
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  1. Hey, I live near New Orleans! I hope you likes more than the doors, LOL!
    Good luck on your clinicals, my Hubby is an OT and they ROCK!! He is my hero every single day because of the way he can think around corners to solve problems. You name it and he can figure it out, usually using stuff I alrady have. He says that it is what being an OT is all about!
    I love reading your blog, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those fun colorful doors girl! Loved them! So happy you are doing great over there and I am sure when you get home...lots of hugs and smiles..and more hugs!! That's awesome! Keep it going Kelsey- 4 more days- you got this!


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