May 14, 2012

Handmade Wedding Gift: Printed Fabric Sign

Ah, it's so nice to be back in a normal routine!!
Being gone from home for two weeks was toooooo long. 
I really had plans to keep up with posts last week but it was enough to just get through that last week of our Louisiana clinical. 
And now I'm baaaaack and I've had tons of snuggles from my boys, a homemade meal & kitty kisses.
So I'm all ready to get back into the blogging groove :)
Have you missed me???

I've had crafting withdrawals the past week and can't wait to whip the spraypaint out and get started on my long list of projects coming up!!

I don't know about you, but it's been wedding & baby frenzy out here lately! 
I had one weekend where I needed two wedding gifts & a baby I spent the week working like a madwoman to get gifts made.
Because of course I had to make something...

I've got tons of baby gift ideas but I thought that I would spend this week focusing on some cute DIY wedding gifts.
Sound good to you??

This gift was super easy and was the hit of the shower :)
It completely made the mother-in-law tear up which is always a good sign, right??
It was going to my husband's childhood best friend and his soon to be wife. 
So I wanted to make something meaningful and special.

It pretty much started with a bare cabinet door (as a lot of my projects do)
I don't have a picture of the exact one for this project in it's 'before' stage but here's a glimpse into what it pretty much looked like after painting it white...

After painting it white, I of course had to distress all the edges. 
I love this particular door because of the barn door-esque design of it. 
(You'll see what I mean soon) 

And there was dark wood underneath. Score.
The best distressing undercoat over :)

The fun thing about doing this gift was that I already knew the bride and groom were going for a vintage vibe for the wedding.
Which is completely up my alley so I could go all out. 
I went back and forth as to how to decorate in the center.
At first, I thought about just doing a regular paper printable.
Or vinyl.

But then I remembered this project where I had attempted to print on my beloved linen and the idea took root. 
I used the same technique as I did on my last printed project to print out my design.
So definitely check out that tutorial if you want to print on your own fabric!! 

I designed the wording on picnik (before it's demise) and mostly kept it neutral in a soft grey.
I added a tiny bit of dark plum as that was the bride's favorite color. 

And it printed beautifully :) 
I always get a bit giddy when it comes out of the printer looking great- it's always a shock to me that it works!!

Isn't the texture of the linen so perfect with the words? 

To attach it to the wooden door, I first hot-glued the linen lightly to a cut piece of burlap. 
I didn't want the burlap to be perfect (which is hard anyways) so I frayed the ends to give it that disheveled feel. 

Then I used some small upholstery tacks on each corner to nail the fabrics into place. 

And there you have it :) 
I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out. 

I love all the mixtures of texture. 
Soft linen, rough burlap and the smooth wood. 
Plus you can't really go wrong with the white paint contrasted against the always-fabulous burlap. 

Mmmmmm. Perfect combination. 
Plus I so love that verse. 

Enough talk for now. 
Just some eye candy :)

I've been thinking about making one for us too...
I really need to do that...

What do you think? 
Is it the perfect combination for a perfect couple somewhere??

I'd love to hear your thoughts- I haven't talked to you guys in forever it feels like!!
Do you have a bunch of weddings coming up too??


Keep checking back this week- I have a fun twist on the old 'utensil gift' coming up!!

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  1. Kelsey, that is so freakin awesome! I LOVE it! and I know the couple loved it too, how could they not?? great project.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!! it looks super easy to. I really need to try printing on fabric.....

  3. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog, and that I wish I could be half as productive as you are! I am an art teacher, with two little kiddos, and crafting for me has diminished greatly in my life, but I love to live vicariously though you! Some of your ideas are so awesome and you have inspired me to re-do my bathroom, which was long overdue. Thanks!

  4. AWESOME Gift! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. This is a great sign and a great gift for a wedding or bridal shower. I really like the vintage look to it. I would love if you would share this and any other posts at Showcase Your Talent Thursday I hope to see you there!

  6. I need to file this idea away in my head....I guess that would mean file it away in Pinterest....
    Love it!

  7. This is an awesome wedding gift. I may have some more wedding gift ideas to share and I hope they will help. Cheers!

  8. Great tutorial, thanks! I will be making these for my friend. Its just what I was looking for. wedding dress fabrics

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