June 04, 2012

Fourth of July Felt Wreath

Is there anyone else out there that just loves a good wreath like I do? 

Whenever I'm in a crafting 'funk' and just can't feel inspired...
I always turn to a blank wreath form and get the juices going that way. 

For some reason, blank wreaths can just help me break out of that creative freeze. 
Sometimes, I'll just gather up random supplies & start playing with them.
Trying this and that...until inspiration finally strikes and I set off with it!!
A few weeks ago, I had just gotten back from being out of town for school for two whole weeks.
No crafting, no glue guns, no creating going on then. 
Sad times :/

And it was an adjustment to get back into the groove of things.
I mean, I was dying to create anything but needed something to get my head back into the game :)

So of course, I turned to a blank wreath form & decided to get patriotic. 
Watcha think??

I gathered up my inspiring supplies which consisted of: 
*Blank Wreath Form
*Fabric Scissors
*Felt in various colors (I used white, black, aqua & red) 
*Hot Glue Gun

I decided to keep the background of the wreath clean & simple so I used the white felt.
I just cut the felt sheets into strips- nothing super uniform. 
Until I had a good pile of white felt strips going.  

This is the pattern I did my white felt in.
I basically started with one & then started layering them on top of each other, leaving about an inch from the previous strip showing.

It give it a pretty, layered look that was nice and simple but still gave some texture. 

Then I got crazy with my colored felt. 
I layered little circles onto the big ones, cutting slits all the way around them to give a 'pinwheel' look to them. 
Then I just used some fun buttons in the middle of them. 
The stars are chipboard stars covered in washi tape. 

I wanted a little something more so I jazzed up the top where it hangs from.
I folded about a 5 inch piece of felt so the raw ends were in the back & hot glued those into place.
Then, all the way down the edges, I cut slits to create those cute loops. 
Aren't they fun? 

I used a slightly larger piece of the aqua felt so I could layer them on top of each other.
Then I wrapped a piece of washi tape around the middle of them. 
A piece of string was pinned into place in the back to hang the wreath from. 

And there ya have it!
A fun, patriotic felt wreath all ready to celebrate the Fourth!

I"m in love with blue & red together so I loved having the excuse to blend them again. 
It might not be the traditional flag blue but it shines all the same :)

A dab of hot glue was good enough to secure each of the embellishments.
But if you wanted to make it so you could easily change out the embellishments for different seasons, use pins to attach them to the wreath. 
That way you can change it up!

You like? 

Have you already broken out the patriotic colors and started decorating your home? 

Just in case you're looking for some more patriotic flair, 
I've got just the thing to share with you later this week!

So definitely check back here to see what freebie I've got in store :) 

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  1. Do I like? I LOVE!! I have not busted out the red, white and blue yet-- argh-- Summer is almost here and It's So ON!!! :) Love your wreath girl!

  2. Super cute! Love the flowers and the bright blue with the black. Great modern look. I know what mean about loving a good wreath! I just made my patriotic wreath that I have had in my head for months and couldn't wait to create it! I just posted it too :)

  3. I have been looking for a cute 4th of July wreath to make, and this one is adorable!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog from Craft-O-Maniac. I just started a blog today if you would like to visit it!

  4. i love red & turquoise together and the black makes a huge impact...great idea and TFS

    have a great week
    one crafty mess

  5. This is great. So much fun! I hope you will link up to my Patriotic Project Parade!

  6. I have been wanting to make one of these for SO long! LOVE yours. So super cute!

  7. Absolutely ADORE this!! Hope you can link this up at my new linky party Trendy Tuesday!!

  8. so super cute!! I love how you used turquoise! Adorable!


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