June 08, 2012

Frame to Magnetized Grocery List

I don't know about you, 
but one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is heading to the pantry or fridge for a specific item & finding it completely gone. 
No one said anything. 
I've just been to the grocery store, like, yesterday. 
And even worse, sometimes it's just an empty box!!
Something had to be done. 

I already keep a little magnet note pad on the fridge so I can write grocery lists & tear them off to head to the store.
But it didn't help the whole empty box phenomenon. 
I think hubby has this ca-razy idea that I just 'sense' when something has been used up. 
Sorry. Didn't get that sensor hun :) 

So enter in my little life-saving grocery frame, 
check him out: 

I LOVE this little guy. 
He's saved us from many an empty box, let me tell ya. 

Maybe it's because he's bigger than my notepad...
and yellow. 
And I think a dry-erase board is just way more fun to write on than a piece of paper. 

Whatever it is, 
it got hubby's attention and he loves it too. 
Now we don't run out of important things like hot sauce & waffles :) 

You'll have to use your imagination for the 'before' look because I was so desperate to fix our little problem that I forgot to snap a pic. 
But picture a boring, dusty brown frame and you've got it!

I gave him a good coat of a sun-shiney yellow & scuffed him up a bit. 
 A piece of burlap sandwiched nicely between the back & the glass gave a good background to write over. 

Then I cut 'groceries' and a random line out of black vinyl to jazz it up. 
The last piece was to add some high-strength magnets that I got from Hobby Lobby. 
Those suckers are strong & it hasn't fallen yet!

Here's what it looks like on most days: 

To make sure we always had a pen on hand & we didn't have to go searching, 
I superglued a dry-erase marker to a little circle magnet we had on hand.

It sits right on the fridge and right next to the pantry, 
so it's super easy to add whatever it is we've run out of or are close to needing. 
And it makes making my grocery list a snap! 

It literally took me about 20 minutes to make 
(and most of that was waiting for the paint to dry) 
and it's kept me from going crazy...
plus it's cute & yellow- so double bonus!!!

Does your house suffer from the empty box phenomenon?Do you have a fun way to keep up with what you need? 

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  1. Cute idea! So much nicer than the scratched up dry erase board I use. I also use my board for to do lists. Think I will make a trip to Goodwill and see what kind of cute frame I can find.

  2. Like Susan above I have a dry erase board on my fridge too, but this is much cuter! I will be on the lookout for a good frame to repurpose! Thanks for a great idea.

  3. Love the burlap! I made something similar to this but used notebook paper in the frame.


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