June 18, 2012

Scrabble-Inspired Baby Gift

I totally have a thing for using old games in baby gifts.   

Remember when I used jenga blocks in my last baby gift
I think they're SO fun and add a little quirky touch that's perfect in celebrating a new little person!!
This time I used another fun game and absolutely LOVED the result. 

Check out how old games can become seriously cute: 

Are you thinking of all the old scrabble games you've seen at garage sales & Goodwill? 
Next time pick one up and store it away- they're perfect for a little extra fun in a project!!

This gift was so easy to put together & I love that it's simple but meaningful :)
This gift was for my husband's cousin, who we didn't know all that well.
So I had no idea what colors the nursery were in or anything.
I decided to go for subtle and easy to fit in with any color scheme. 

*Old frame (Mine was a deeper frame than most)
*Scrabble pieces- letters for name & one letter holder
*Wooden Initial 
*Hot Glue Gun

I found this horrifyingly neon yellow frame buried in my stash in the garage: 

It got a nice coat of gloss white and was looking so much better. 
I let it dry overnight. 

I cut a piece of blue-ish grey scrapbook paper to fit in the frame & mounted it in. 

This was the fun part :)
I love seeing the whole thing come together!

I sprayed both the wooden initial and the scrabble letter holder in the same gloss white.
Then I distressed the letter holder for a little more charm. 

I spelled out 'william' in the scrabble letters & adhered them to the letter holder with hot glue. 
Super easy & worked perfectly!

I secured the wooden initial with hot glue directly onto the glass. 
The same went for the back of the letter holder. 

And now you have a way cute & whimsical way to display baby's little name!!

But you can't stop with just a cute gift right?
It's all in the packaging!!

I found a cute blue bin in the dollar spot at Target and snatched it up.
I added a wooden 'w' that was already white to the front. 

Super easy & cute container to give the gift in!
Not to mention it's bonus storage for the mom-to-be. 

What do you think? 
Will you be snatching up any old scrabble games you see next?? 

What I think is so fun about this gift is all the possibilities!
You could use your own last name for some fun wall art or even make one for a wedding gift. 


I am SO Excited about what will be happening around here next week.

I'll be hosting my first ever Summer Blog Bash with some AMAZING fellow bloggers!

We have a lot of fun in store plus an epic giveaway that you won't want to miss!!

So make sure you're ready June 25th to party it up with us!!!

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  1. Cute! I haven't seen anyone use scrabble tiles that way before.

  2. I love it, i will def. be looking for a scrabble game at a yard sale or goodwill! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Super Cute! What a great baby gift idea!

  4. Wow, very neat!

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  5. Loved this post, please link it with me tomorrow at Wow Us Wednesday! Following you on Linky Followers.

  6. I snatched two games just last Sat. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Oh my total cuteness! This is awesome! I would LOVE to have you link up at our party.


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  9. I'm curious what you used to adhere the scrapbook paper? I've made a shadowbox wedding gift for my sister in the past but ruined a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper using 2 different glues that were supposed to be good for scrapbooking. Also am I correct in reading that you adhered the Initial and scrabble letters to the frame glass? What's the reasoning behind this? Thanks!

    1. I didn't actually adhere the paper to anything! It's just in the frame like you would slip a picture in :) If you're wanting to adhere paper, mod podge is always a good go-to. Just be careful with the amount you put on or it will wrinkle the paper! I did adhere the letter & scrabble pieces to the glass- mainly because they wouldn't fit behind the glass anyway but I really wanted that 3-D effect that makes it way cute! Hope that helps :)


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