June 26, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash (Day 2): Fave Summer Reads

Hey there!!!
It's day TWO of the Splish Splash Blog Bash and it's been a blast so far!!

If you missed yesterday's post, check it out here and learn about all my summer faves :) 
And don't forget to check out the other ladies above too! 
Cuz you just might find some amazing recommendations today. 

Because today might just be my most favorite of the themes this week: 

My Favorite Summer Reads

I had the hardest time narrowing down the books that I wanted to share with you guys today.
Because I'm a serious bookworm. 

I was the girl in high school that always had a book in my backpack and car just in case I had the chance to read a chapter. 
I remember my high school history teacher would play 'Capture the Flag' with us during PE and we would have to answer a question to get out of the 'jail' or whatever it was. 
He always asked the other kids in my class what their favorite song was, or movie or entertainer. 
The book I was reading. 
I think he just liked to talk books :) 
But he knew that I'd rather talk about that than who was my favorite superstar at the moment. 

So I've narrowed down my books to share with you guys to the ones I've read most recently. 
I've read a lot of good books and my taste is pretty broad so I hope some of them spark an interest!!

so pull up a chair on the patio, sip on an ice cold drink and crack open one of these lovelies!!

1. When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin: 
This is one of those books that you finish and just sit back and think 'wow'. 
You just need a minute to soak it all in. 
It'll have you in tears, grab your heart & it won't let you go. 
I still think about the story in this book and it's been a few years since I read it.
But it's powerful and he has such a God-given talent for beautiful imagery in his words. 
Read it.
You won't regret it. 

2. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen 
I'll admit, 
I totally saw this movie before reading the book.
And I'm usually an adamant 'read it then watch it' kinda girl. 
But I couldn't resist Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson. Sorry.
Then I discovered I actually had this book hidden in my 'to read' basket. Whoops. 
But it was such a great read and the movie actually did a great job keeping to the book. 
Fun summer read for sure :) 

3. Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin
Oh my gosh, guys.
These are the books I'm currently enthralled in.
Hubby totally got me hooked...he was buying up the books so quick that I didn't actually believe he was reading them. 
I thought they were strictly 'man books' so I wasn't interested at first, but they will. suck. you. in. 
I had to MAKE myself put the first one down to finish up my classes so I could lose myself in it again. 
A little Lord of the Rings. A little Eregon. A little Braveheart. 
. A little medieval action and raunchiness and you've got yourself this addicting series. 
Just talking about it makes me want to get back to the third one. 
Moving on...

Pinned Image

4. Any book by Ted Dekker
Sorry, I don't know if I can really narrow it down to just one of his books.
He has SO many amazing books but I think they definitely fit a certain type of reader. 
He's very much a dark Christian writer (does that even make sense???) 
He loves suspense, fantasy & good vs. evil all mixed into crazy worlds with crazy characters. 
He has some great stand alone books like The Bone Collector and Three, but his Circle series was amazing.
Along with anything else the man writes.
I've gotten all my friends addicted...mostly because I practically shove his books into their hands once I hear they've never heard of him.
So here's me shoving them into yours :) 

5. Deception Point by Dan Brown
I know, somewhat random. 
Love his books though. 
He's the guy that wrote the Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons. 
Thaaaat guy. 
All his books are good reads though!!
If you need a good suspense fix, definitely grab one of his. 
He loves a good puzzle too which makes he happy!!

6. Her Mother's Hope Series by Francine Rivers
These books were so good.
They totally made me cry the whole time though.
It's really awesome because it follows a whole family through nearly a century and the relationships between all the mothers & daughters. 
Definitely heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time.  

Pinned Image

7. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Do I need to expound on these? 
They're awesome.
You'll totally fall in love with Peeta. And Katniss. And Gail. 
And hate President Snow. 
There are twists, turns, love stories, deaths...
And you'll be incredibly sad when the series end. 

8. The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers
These are the books that I will NEVER get tired of reading and re-reading over and over again.
I read them in high school and have read all three again about four times. 
I'm kind of obsessed with Roman culture but it's more than just that. 
These have a special place on my bookshelf.
I love them that much :) 
So...there's enough time left in the summer. 
Get to reading them! 

Pinned Image

So there it is. 
Tons of awesome books to go out and devour!

I'm always looking for good new reads
so please share your favorites in the comments below or on my Facebook page
I'd love to know what you've read lately and add some to my list to get!!! 

Excited about partying it up AGAIN tomorrow!
Hope you guys are having a great week!!!


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  1. I love your book list! It makes me realize that I should read some real quality books sometime soon instead of just my beach reads! :))

  2. I LOVE your list!! I have to laugh because I was always the girl with a book in her bag at school too. In fact, I still have one in my car in case I'm unexpectedly waiting somewhere. You have a lot of books I haven't read yet on your list! I can't wait to check them out! :) Thanks again Kelsey! This summer bash is so fun! :)

  3. LOVing your list- totally pinned that goodness up there!!!! Loving this Bash girl-what a fun fun week this is! Thank you so much for hosting!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I have some books to add to my summer reading list now. :)

  5. Thanks, it's always fun to get some book recommendations from real pele. These look like some great ones. A couple of my favorites I just finished are Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. They' kind of have a Hunger Games feel - teenagers in a future world after is all gone to pieces.

  6. This book is a great summer read! It has a lot of my favorite summer reads in it, and it's a great way to stay cool while reading!

  7. Thanks for the great summer reads recommendations! I'm looking forward to checking some of them out.

  8. What a great name you give Splish Splash Blog Bash amazing, I appreciated, I read your books and many time I got some content to write my assignment, and it's much helpful.

  9. The Splish Splash Blog Bash: Fave Summer Reads is surely a great book to read but I do like to watch movies more, and even the award shows like I was planning to watch 48th People’s Choice Awards UK and it will make my day better.

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