June 25, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash: Summer Faves!!!


I am so beyond excited for this week to start!!!
Today is the first day of the Splish Splash Blog Bash, featuring a ton of fabulous ladies sharing all of their summer faves ALL week long!!

Be sure to check out all the other ladies- 
each day you'll see them scrolling across the top of my posts. 
Just click to head over and see what they have up their sleeve. 

I shared all the fun details, along with all the participating ladies in this post, so click over to learn more about what to expect this week- as well as to see the schedule of fun events planned :) 

Today we're starting out nice & easy, 
sharing all our summer faves. 

We all have our go-to faves when summertime rolls around so here's mine!!

My favorite summertime...

I LOVE me some strawberry lemonade when summertime rolls around.
There's nothing better than sitting out front with a good book and an ice cold glass of yummy lemonade. 
It's the best :)

(I only wish my set-up was this gorgeous!!!) 
Picture via here

Oh my gosh. Too many places that I love to be when the air gets hot out here in Arkansas.
All of them involve the beach. 
I'd have to say the best vacation was our cruise to the Caribbean. 
The Cayman Islands was the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
I'd stare at the gorgeous blue water all day long. 

You know me. 
I'm all for aqua, aqua, and more aqua. 
So of course that's my summer color.
Mix in a little grey or tangerine and you've got me sighing in bliss. 
Which is probably why my master bedroom got that treatment- it definitely makes me smile every time I walk in  :)
Maybe it's my little piece of summertime all year round...

Anything NOT school related.
Just kidding...kind of. 
But really...just being able to spend the day hanging with hubby or little man is the BEST.
Our favorite everyday summer activities consist of the swimming pool, painting & going to the zoo. 
Though the zoo is a battle zone in the heat! 

I'd have to say my favorite summer snack is graham crackers, cream cheese spread & strawberries. 
Ooh is that good. 
I LOVE having strawberries & blueberries &...any berry around for a bowl full of yumminess. 

(picture via here

I'm going to go with my favorite summer movie for this summer considering I don't have one that is just for this's not like having a fave christmas movie or anything. 
So... let's go with The Avengers for this summer. 
It may have something to do with the awesome date me and hubby had going to see it.
But it was ah-mazing and, plus, it gives you the excuse to check out all the other superhero movies leading up to it.

Which leads to a movie marathon in your pajamas, snuggled on the coach eating your fave summer snack...
so pretty much the best idea ever. 

(picture via here

I LOVE games. 
Did you know that about me? 
Me and hubby can get lost for hours playing board games and card games. 
Definitely one of my favorite things to do whenever.
Summerwise, I love playing Othello out on the back patio. 

Plus Frisbee Golf is awesome if you don't die of the heat first. 

(picture via here

Is it just me, or is pretty much any song the BEST song ever when you have the sun roof open, & the gorgeous warm wind blowing into the car? 
I love country music more in the summer for some reason. 
So give me Kenny Chesney or Keith Urban or Sugarland any time.
I'm also kinda obsessed with Jason Mraz and his song "I won't Give up" at the moment. 
Open your sun roof and jam, girls :) 

I've already mentioned this a bit but STRAWBERRIES all summer long make me a happy girl :)
Plus blueberries, raspberries...the list goes on. 

(picture via here

Flip Flops
My most favorite flip flops in the world are Yellowbox flip flops.
LOVE how the fit, love how they look & love the bajillion amounts of cute designs they come in. 
I'd live in flip flops all year long if there weren't so many other cute boots, flats & heels out in the world!!

(picture via here

So there ya have it. 
My summer faves :) 

Now spill!! 
What's your summer favorites? 
Share in the comment below or head over to my Facebook page and spill there!!

Don't forget to visit the other fabulous ladies partying this week to see what their summer faves happen to be!!

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at the end of the week there will be an EPIC summer giveaway where one lucky winner will be scoring some major loot!! 
So stick around & enjoy the party this week!!!

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  1. FUN! Loved all your Summer Faves!! Loving this party girl! Cheers to Summer TIME!!!

  2. Im so Inlove with your bedroom! ... Loving your Summer faves..


  3. Yay!! I love all your summer faves! Great pictures!! I'm a huge fan of Jason Mraz and that song. {I hope SYTYCD choreographs to it this year!} :) And pool time & sandy beaches!! If you every need some pool time - hop on over and hang out with Four Marrs and me in So Cal!! :D Thanks again for throwing this party! I just uploaded my post too! Looking forward to reading everyone's summer faves this week!! xo, Reannah

  4. I love your color combo - it's my favorite too! And your bedroom is gorgeous - I know I would smile every time I walked in there, too!

  5. Aside from the Country music, you and I are a lot alike. Love reading your posts and wishing I could do half of what you do!


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