June 28, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash: Summer Threads

I confess,
I'm a complete clothes shopaholic. 

So today's 'summer threads' theme for the Splish Splash Blog Bash has me all excited. 

I have a really, really hard time walking into pretty much any store and NOT checking out all their clothes racks they have. 
And Target will be the death of my bank account one of these days.
Because no matter what I'm really there for, 
I usually walk out with some item of clothing. 
Those sale racks seriously scream my name from across the store. 

I love to shop 
but my favorite thing to shop for is new clothes.
They make me smile & I love putting outfits together.
Now, if I only had all the money in the world to put together all the outfits I make in my head :) 

Since I don't have a habit of getting pics of myself in cute outfits...
and hubby would lose his mind if I constantly asked him to take them.
I'll show you some of the staples I've been wearing this summer & some of the outfits I would love to have in my own closet. 

It'll make you want to go shopping though.
Be warned. 
It's already made me want to go shopping! 
(But that's super easy to do anyway)

What I have & love: 

Women's Merona® Esma Sandal - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Target's Merona Esma Sandal in White. 
I LOVE these sandals.
I bought similar ones last year in Turquoise and this year I snatched up the white ones.
They have gold on the inside which is a fun pop of color too.
Plus they're comfy and go with EVERYTHING.
And you can't beat the price :) 

Old Navy's Chevron Bathing Suit.
I usually get a new bathing suit each summer and I found this one on the sale rack at Old Navy and had to have it.
It's chevron & colorful & way cute. 
LOVE this suit and I've been rocking it all summer so far!!

Mossimo® Womens Sateen Cuff Short (Fit 3) - Assorted Colors

Target's Sateen Cuff Shorts in White. 
I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about buying a pair of white shorts.
I'm not the most tan person in the world plus I have a five year old. 
But I have NOT regretted getting these.
I LOVE them and they are so fun to pair with a bright color. 
Make me feel all summery :) 

What I would love to Have: 

Pinned Image

Oh how I love this gorgeous orange dress!!
Dresses are a must in Arkansas since it gets so hot.
A girl can only wear shorts so much. 
I love pairing a cute, flowy dress with a chunky necklace and cute flats!
I'm thinking I need to find something in this amazing orange...

Pinned Image

Umm, yes please.
Fabulous teal accents with white & grey??
Does it get much better? 
I have yet to find the perfect grey shorts but I'm on the lookout. 
I love how beachy this look is with a touch of glam. 

Pinned Image

I told you...I'm all about the white shorts this summer. 
Pops of amazing color look so good with them. 
I'm loving this bright red with the gold accessories. 
Pretty, pretty. 
Now if I can just order a tan like that....

Pinned Image

I'm loovvving  coral and turquoise together right now.
That tank top looks amazingly comfy and cool for the 100+ weather we have right now.
And those white shorts again...go figure. 
I also love the pops of leather- a little something different :) 

So there ya have it!!

Now I feel the sudden urge to go scour Target, Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe all this afternoon. 

So you tell me...
Where is your favorite place to shop & what styles are your faves this summer?? 

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  1. Loving the Pops of color up there-- but then again-- look who it is! Kelsey- the girl that loves color and can totally Work it!!!!

  2. I think you just inspired me to go shopping for a pair of white shorts...I hate shopping. And I am all about that chevron bathing suit top! Too cute:) You've got great style.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love all those outfits!! I totally want to go shopping now!! :) I bet you are rockin' that chevron bikini! Love it chica!

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