June 01, 2012

Way Basics WAY awesome recycled storage cube!

I'm kind of an organization junkie. 

Like, really. 

I'm obsessed with places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Container Store because they are FULL of nothing but amazing amounts of things to organize all YOUR things. 

So it came as no surprise that when Way contacted me about trying out one of their incredibly unique products- I was psyched! 

I saw page after page on their website of colorful & unique organization cubes, bookshelves, benches, oh my!

Check out some of their awesomeness for yourself: 

And if the look of their fun product isn't about I throw in the words 'eco-friendly' which makes everyone giddy these days?

All their products are built using what they call the 'Z-board' which is made from post-consumer recycled paper. 
Which sounds sketch when you're thinking furniture- but let me tell you , those suckers are strong!

Here's some quick facts about them: 

Check out what they have to say about the z-boards and watch some awesome videos about how they work on their website

After drooling over all their brightly-colored, modern storage cubes for a couple days and dreaming of all the crazy amounts of organizing that could go on with them, my very own storage cube arrived in the mail. 

First of all, I was shocked by how light the whole package was. 
And pleasantly surprised with the beautiful green color of my cube.
It was the perfect color to go in little man's room and goodness knows he needed some more storage for all his toys & games. 

They sent all the pieces needed to construct the cube and give incredibly easy-to-follow instructions for building it. 
And random... but I love all the bright colors separating the sections of the instructions. 
Makes it fun to read :) 

Rather than having to gather a bunch of tools to fit it all together, it's literally a peel, stick and DONE process. 
They use the super strong 3M brand adhesive to hold everything together and it literally took me about five minutes to get the cube ready to use!! 

I was amazed at how quick & easy the whole process was. 
And now I had a way cute, green cube to use for the mounds of games that we had piling up. 

I love the two-toned colors with their brightly colored ones, but if you're looking for more neutral and modern, they have those too!

Little man was in love with his new green cube (it's his all-time favorite color) and I, of course, started dreaming up all the awesome things I could do with even more of them!

My favorite thing about their single cubes is how customizable they can be! You could pair the brightly-colored cubes with the white or black and make your own design. 
Plus you can stack them in any way you need to fill your own unique space and needs. 

Check out their design gallery to see all the creative ways people have used their Way Basic products!!

It's probably trouble that I've found such a fun & colorful way to feed my organization obsession but I'm okay with that :) 

Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions stated are my own opinions and were NOT in any way influenced by monetary compensation.  This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone.

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  1. Ok- yep...hook line and Sinker! Love me some Organizing materials and these are the Cutest and Sturdy!! WOW! Love it- totally checking this place out! Thank you Kelsey!!


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