July 05, 2012

Easy Organization Project: Mini Wooden Note Holder

Whew guys.
It's been a busy and super hot day here!!

I've been chomping at the bit to get outside and paint some of the pieces laying around my garage...
but it's been so darn hot here that I haven't been able to stand being outside.
Plus the paint pretty much hates the weather as much as I do. 

Today, it was a bit of a windy day so it gave some relief from the heat.
So I grabbed my white spraypaint and went to town on some pieces I've been dying to get to.
Now, I've got a fine mist of spraypaint all over me :)
But it was totally worth it to get out and paint some. 

Today is about a super easy & practical organizational project.
I'm a bit of a Type A personality when it comes to keeping my house neat and tidy.
Which doesn't work well living with two boys :) 
But I try and make it work. 

So, you can imagine that this mess was driving me a little up the wall.

This is the desk area around my computer. 
Notes just pile up around it because I'm constantly writing reminders, to do lists & sketching out project ideas there. 

It's one of those little messes that you notice a few times a day and say 'I should really do something about' that but usually don't.

Well, I finally did. 

I dug through my scrap wood box and found these pieces: 

*Mini Wooden Candlestick (you can get a bag for cheap at Hobby Lobby)
*4x4 piece of scrap wood (also from Hobby Lobby) 
*Tiny Wooden Finial (Guess from where!) 
*Mini Clip 

I guess it pays to be a pack rat because I didn't have to buy anything for it.
All of the wooden pieces come in bags of multiples at Hobby Lobby which means that all of it was probably under a buck. 

I stacked them together to see what it would look like: 

That 4x4 piece is the PERFECT size to hold little post-it sized papers.

Here's the steps: 
1. Spraypaint all the wood pieces gloss white (or desired color) 
2. Let dry & then paint a thin stripe on the 4x4 piece
3. Hot Glue together
4. Hot Glue mini clip to top of 4x4 piece. 

It's that easy :) 
Of course, you could just as easily hand paint it and jazz it up the way you like! 

I was a bit nervous about just using hot glue but it worked like a charm.
It's already been knocked off the table a few times and it's still holding strong. 

At first, I kept it all white but it needed a little extra something.
That's where the yellow stripe came in. 

Wouldn't it be fun with a stencil or little monogram on it though? 

Here it is hanging in it's new little home.
It sits right by the corner of my computer and is perfectly out of the way enough :)

Now I can see all my little notes that keep me on track. 

There are so many ways to make it your own too which makes me happy. 
And it literally took about 20 minutes to make the solution I needed to my little pile-up. 

What do you think?
An easy solution?

What colors would you use? 

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  1. Ok- You made that look SUPER easy- is it just that? Great little fun fix to your problem..I just love it!

  2. I love it, super cute and easy. I love the yellow stripe on it

  3. very simple and useful project. you could put the monogram or mod podge a family pic on the back that way you can flip it around when you have company over!!

    i'd love for you to link up with Get Your Craft On at the Gilded hare:

  4. I couldn't find the candleholders at hobby lobby or joanns! I really need to make something like this! :)


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