July 23, 2012

The Totally Glammed-Out Dresser Redo

How are you guys this week? 

I'm neck-deep in furniture redos at the moment.
I have a whole garage full of pieces to finish, to sell & just to start on.
And twelve, yes, twelve more pieces coming in the next couple weeks from a new client.
Yup. I'm crazy.

So I asked you guys on Facebook yesterday if you'd rather see a crazy awesome dresser reveal or pics from the baby shower I did this past weekend.
It was pretty much divided so I decided to show the dresser now & the shower later this week, kay? 

See, I DO value your opinions.
So come hang out on Facebook and let me know what you think of all my craziness!!

So, my friend had this dresser. 
That was desperately in need of a facelift. 
Want to see what we were working with? 

Isn't it a fun shape? 
I love the bottom of it- it has such modern lines hidden under all that icky beat-up wood. 

And I loved the drawers- 
the bottom four all had curved faces with no hardware which I really liked. 
The top four narrow drawers were flat and had hardware.

We thought about adding hardware to all of them but decided against it because we loved the idea of adding some bling to the top ones later & didn't want it to overwhelm the piece. 

The main thing we had to keep in mind was that her hubby really wanted to keep the natural wood top.
He had worked hard to strip and restain it so it was the requirement :) 

Which ended up working out perfectly.
Check out the beauty after we got through with it: 

Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous?? 
It's so sleek and fabulous now!!!

Check out that gorgeous stained top: 
I'm not taking credit for that- her hubby did a great job! 
It looks so different now with the rest painted, huh? 

We painted the body of the dresser in a shimmery silver from the precious metals collection by Martha Stewart.
It needed a bunch of coats because the paint was super thin.
But it was so worth it :) 

We ended up with a gorgeous, shimmery silver that worked with the stained top beautifully. 

And, hello gorgeous knobs!! 

We headed to Hobby Lobby to find some awesome knobs for this piece because the plain wooden ones it originally had were just not cutting it anymore. 

We found the gorgeous turquoise ones first and knew they definitely had to make an appearance.
Then we found some crazy awesome white knobs but they only had one left.
We were hoping to get four different ones for the second row of drawers just for fun, but we ended up going to three Hobby Lobbys and couldn't find anymore.

But the silver mirrored ones were a happy find during one of my random Hobby Lobby runs.
And all was good again :) 

Plus we got them all half off- definitely go that route!!

Aren't the contrasting knobs so fun?
We kept saying they were just the 'jewelry' the dresser needed. 

The whole thing got a nice coat of Polycrylic when we were finished for protection. 

I just love love love the silver finish. 
And I'm so glad her hubby didn't want us to cover the top.
Gives it just enough contrast to let the silver really shine. 

One last look at how far it came: 

What do you think of our glamorous dresser? 

Do you love the awesome knobs as much as I do? 

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  1. Holy Bananas! She is glammed out and I just Love her! Love her knobs.. so cute and adds the PERFECT detail! Great job Kelsey!!!

  2. That is awesome! It's definitely a beauty, and I love the knobs that you have chosen as well. Megan

  3. Wow! This looks great! I love the mismatched handles. ~Stephanie

  4. Wow Kelsey~ love it~ great job as usual!

  5. What a gift you have! It turned out wonderfully the fun colorful knobs really set it out. So cool when a well worn piece gets new life.

  6. I love love love this!!!! Great job!!

  7. Turned out really pretty! Love the knobs, too. Sounds like you'll be busy for quite a while.

  8. i love this!! and the silver gives the same look as white on bottom, wood on top but with a fun twist! this turned out great.

    on a side note- im an mri tech- i graduated in 2002 and ive been at it ever since. but my love of creating and art is growing and i feel very trapped in the medical field. have u considered studying and persuing a more creative field. id give so much to go back and change my course of study- if only i knew then what i know now kinda thing. ;)


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