October 11, 2012

My Bloggy Makeover REVEALED!!!

Because my sweet little blog got a complete MAKEOVER thanks to the fabulous Brooke over at My Time Designs !!

Seriously, I am in complete love with the new look and I so hope you are too! 

A few things to notice: 

1. My social icons to Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest & my RSS feed are now located in my header- be sure to head to whatever you follow most and check T&I out there! 
I keep my Facebook page updated daily as best I can and I'm always pinning :) 

2. My nav bar located under my header has some new links to it so be sure to check that out!!
I have all my printables and furniture before & afters located in galleries that you can easily access through the new nav bar! 

New links include the 'Pieces for Sale' and "Advertising" which are both in the 'coming soon' process. 
I can't wait to get a gallery up of pieces I have for sale!! 

3. A project catalog has been added on my sidebar! 
I actually added this over the summer but never really announced it and I worked hard on it :) 
Hopefully this will organize things a bit better and help you find ideas for exactly what you're looking for! 

Be sure to check out the 'holiday' tab to check out some awesome fall and Christmas projects!! 

4. Last piece of business!! 
A new button :) 
Exciting stuff guys...don't you love the gorgeous design??? 
Brooke completely outdid herself on everything.
So if you feel so inclined to grab a new gorgemous button, I won't complain :) 

I cannot thank Brooke enough for the amazing bloggy makeover she gave me!I  
She was amazing to work with and you'll be in love with her creativity :) 
So if you're even thinking about a new look.... be sure to head her way- she'll take amazing care of you! 
(Plus she has a super cute blog here in case you need a fabulous new blog to follow!) 

Let me know what you think, I hope you love it just as much as I do!!

I'll be back verrrry soon with my Fall mantle Reveal
I know, I know... I'm behind. But I think it's been worth the wait :) 
See ya soon! 

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  1. Awesome. I did a minor makeover of mine a month ago, but while I can do a great piece of furniture or a fun craft I cant fix that up at all! Perhaps I will give my blog a christmas gift!!!

  2. Kelsey I heart you ... Im so glad you love your blog .. but mostly so excited I was able to create something for you <3 Love you girly


  3. I love the new look, Kelsey! It's awesome!

  4. Thanks for providing such blogs.


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