December 07, 2012

'O Christmas Tree' Ornament Wall Art

TWO posts from me in one week? 
The world really must be ending :) 

I have so many fun Christmas projects to share and I figured I should probably get them in before Christmas actually happens.
You know, try and stay on top of things for once. Haha. 

We're having an epic Christmas party here this weekend so I have tons going on but I wanted to share a quick & fun way to add some color & Christmas spirit to your walls! 

I have this blank strip of wall in my front living room between the coat closet doors and the doorway to the room. 
I usually have a picture frame with little man's art in it but I wanted something more festive and bright to go there for the holidays. 

I'm kind of obsessed with my blue walls and I LOVE how red looks against them so I knew I wanted more red in the room. 

Here's the run-down on what I gathered- somehow I had everything lying around.
I love when that happens :)

*Three thrifted frames (I used all 8x10s) 
*Red Spraypaint
*Burlap & Linen scraps
*Mini Ornament balls
*Alphabet stamps & black ink
*Hot Glue Gun

Somehow I got away without a before picture but I"m sure you can imagine a dusty, brown pile of hodge-podge frames. 
That's what they were... but they aren't anymore!
Now they are bright and cheery!!!

Here they are after being spritzed down with Krylon's Banner Red: 

Make sure to rub your dusty frames down well before spraying them to get all the grime off. The paint sticks much better! 

I didn't want the glass back in mine so I left the glass out and covered the backs with scraps of fabric. 
I'm a huge lover of burlap and linen so that's what went in my frames.
They provide a soft, neutral background and both are super easy to paint on to add any words you might want. 

I used hot-glue to wrap my fabric around the backs and then popped them back in the frames. 

Of course, I can't leave well enough alone and I antiqued my frames a little with some black ink.
Just rub the ink down the sides of the frame and rub off any excess that you don't like.
I love how it helps the detailing pop out a little bit more.

I wanted two of my frames to flank the burlap one and say 'O Christmas Tree' so I brought out my old-school alphabet foam stamps and stamped them on the linen. 
I wanted it to look eclectic and messy a bit :)

For the middle frame, I made a Christmas Tree from mini ornaments and just hot-glued them where I liked them. 
I wrapped a scrap piece of cardboard with white rope to make a tree trunk. 
I love my little glitzy tree!! 

And they were ready to hang!!
I love the pop of color they give to that narrow wall! 

What do you think? 
Are you into blues and reds this Christmas? 

Don't worry, I'll be back next week too :)
Aren't you excited? 
I have a fun Christmas wreath, a super-quick tutorial and (eek!) a printable to share!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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  1. super cute (as always)~ I love how creative you are. I am so stealing this idea! thank you for sharing~~

  2. How pretty! The red/blue combo is gorgeous!



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