January 03, 2013

A Glimpse Into My Crazy World [And my word of the year!]

I have lots of goals for 2013 and diving back into my little blog is definitely at the top of the list.
But I feel like I left you guys hanging. 

If you remember, I wrote a heart-wrenching post this past summer about something I was going through. 
You guys were amazing. 
I got emails and comments and love and support.... far more than I ever could have asked for. 
I had people reach out and prayers covering me from all corners of the world. 
One of the things I love most about blogging are the friends you make along the way.
And I have amazing ones in all of you. 

But...Life went blogging was sparse and I never really got back to you about what was happening.
Mostly because nothing happened for a long time. 
Then big things happened.
Huge, God-sized things and it's about time I get to share a little bit of it with you :) 

sunshine :)

You see, one of the things I learned in a HUGE way in 2012 was how in control and how LOVED we are by an amazing God.
I know this with absolute certianty because I have seen Him work wonders in my life these past few months. 

There was a hard lesson to be learned in my marriage and it ended up with me learning to let go. 
I learned patience, I learned the art of letting others step in and take some of your burden for you, I learned strength and perseverance and oh, I learned about love. 
A love bigger than what we are capable of producing ourselves.

Everybody's story is different when they go through trials in their marriage. 
Some make it through and some simply don't.
Ours was one that simply did not make it through. 
It was painful.
It hurt.
And I spent many nights wondering why that chapter of my life had to end that way. 

But in the end, God taught me this lesson: 


In His way. 

He placed friends and events in my life in a miraculous and skillful way. 
He knew when I needed a shoulder to cry on and He knew when I needed a laugh. 
Which is amazing to me. 
So many moments that I wish I could share with you that make me realize how He was taking care of me through the death of my marriage. 
But He has brought me through it and into the sunshine!!
Isn't that amazing?? 

There's another part of my story. 
A brighter one. A better one. An amazing one. 

You see...Five years ago a man was brought into my life but the timing was off. 
We weren't able to pursue a relationship at the time and we parted ways. 
It was hard to let it go.  

A few months ago, that man came back into my life through a series of moments that only could have been orchestrated by someone much more amazing than us :) 

I wish I could have adequate words to explain to you about what God has given me through this amazing guy. 

You see, there's moments in life that [some] people get to have...that are lifechanging. 
We were able to experience that moment together. 
Bringing my sweet guy back into my life made all the puzzle pieces fall into place. 
All the hurt, all the pain, all the craziness that has happened in the past few years made sense. 
It was like windows and doors were opened and light shone in for the first time. 
We've both experienced heartache and pain.
We've both seen God's love in action.
And when we found each other again, 
a whole new story began. 


One that includes me and a man that knows my heart better than I do. 
I wish I had ways to describe the past few months in ways that weren't cliche and totally gag-worthy. 
But I really don't :) 

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you've had some glimpses into our little happy world. 
Along with him just being his amazing self, he has a six year old little girl that my little man and me both adore. 
So I get all things girly as well :) 

I have so much more to tell you and I'm bursting at the seams to share it all with you!
But I know you don't want to sit here for hours with me blabbering on. 
So I'll leave you with our word for the year 2013: 


Because that is exactly what life has been these past few months and will continue to be this next year.
An extraordinary God.
An extraordinary story.
An extraordinary love. 

How awesome is that?? 

I can't wait to share all kinds of amazing furniture redos, printables and DIY decor this year...
along with other snippets of our little love story :) 
Hope you're ready for a crazy ride this year!


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  1. Keeping you in prayers, whilst your feet learn to grip the road again, Happy to hear, that you're letting your heart grow again, fingers crossed, that the puzzle fits it's pieces anew, our God wraps His arms around you, and squeezes, again!!

  2. Oh Kelsey! I am so happy to read this! I've thought about you often over the last number of months, but didn't want to overstep any boundaries by asking you questions you weren't ready to share yet. I'm so tickled by the way things are playing out for you and wish you nothing but peace, love and lots of extraordinary days in the next year!

  3. Smiling BIG over here. I am so happy for you Kelsey. You have been in my thoughts throughout this "life adventure" and I am thrilled to see you smiling...and learning! You know I love ya girl...and so happy for you! :)

  4. I am SO happy for you Kelsey!!! I love reading this update! I keep popping in to see if you were going to write something like this and I'm so glad you did!

  5. Aww so happy for you. I always find that God has a master plan and am so glad you have gotten a happy chapter in this part of your story.

  6. That is awesome! So happy for you and how great that you were able to reconnect with this man from your past and it works out perfectly now! :) Hope this year is full of extraordinary moments!

  7. Kelsey~ I am soooo happy for you. I am sitting here crying tears of joy for you! We serve an awesome God and I am so happy He has blessed you. Thank you for sharing this good news with us. :)

  8. Can't tell you how happy this makes me. I don't know you, but I've looked for your new posts ever since you wrote that heart wrenching one to see how you were making it to the other side. So proud of you and for your new found happiness.


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