January 14, 2013

Distressed Blue & Walnut Buffet

I've spent this past weekend in a whirlwind of wedding preparations considering we only have THREE weeks to prepare for everything!!
But we've got this :)
So many things fell into place and I'm feeling so ready for it all! 

And you know I had to start the New Year out with my signature color :) 

It all started with this sad little washed-out guy: 

Can you believe that I picked him up for only 20$ at Goodwill??
I found a new Goodwill a few miles from home that I'm kind of in love with. 
It's definitely a new 'stop-every-week' type place for me. 
So I snatched him up because I just knew he could look gorgeous. 

I mean, look at those pretty doors :) 


Prep was super easy for this guy because he was already in very good condition. 
The top was the only part that needed a little love.
See some of the lovely scratches? 

I took a medium-grit sandpaper to it and it smoothed it right out. 
Much better!!

Once I had it sanded down,
I decided I just couldn't cover up the top of it. 
I loved the grain and really wanted something to pop. 
I already knew that I wanted to do a beautiful aqua for the body of it so I decided to stain the top in my favorite dark walnut. 

It turned out gorgeous. 
Look at that beautiful, buttery finish!! 

I decided to use the color I always get crazy amounts of compliments about in my house...
which is my living room color 'Ebbtide' by Sherwin Williams.
It's such a gorgeous aqua and I'm so so happy that I decided to use it on furniture.
I'm just as in love with it on furniture as I am with it on my walls!!

Look at how beautiful it turned out when everything was said and done: 

I'm so in love with this piece.
If I had room, it would move in right. now. 

It has three shelves on the inside that are perfect if you want to make it into an entertainment center.
It'd made great storage as a buffet or entryway piece too though. 

I decided the doors needed a little more extra sumthin' sumthin', so I painted the insets a creamy white. 
I distressed just the whites of the doors...
for some reason that just felt right :) 
When I distress a piece, I tend to just go with my gut.
When it looks right, I know I'm done. 

The rest of the piece was glazed for an antiqued look. 

I added some twisted glass knobs to them for a little bit of an update. 

I LOVE the stained top against the blue bottom.
It turned out so pretty! 

Aren't the spindle legs beautiful too? 
Of course I had to fill it with all kinds of vintage what-nots to help it during it's photo-shoot.

Let's just pause a minute for some delicious eye candy...

And one last look at the dramatic before & after: 

What do you think?
Is it a happy ending?? 

I'm incredibly sad that I don't have room for this piece myself but that just means that someone else gets to have some gorgeousness in their home!!!
This piece is officially for sale so let me know if you're interested :) 

Hope you guys have a great week-
I'll be back later this week with some free printables!!! 

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  1. That is a beautiful piece I love the mix of the stained top and the painted bottom


    Creative Raisins

  2. Beautiful! You were so lucky to find a solid oak piece! I'd like to see it with something on the lower/outer shelves...what would you put there?

  3. OK, that is crazy pretty! And, did you say a new Goodwill???? Let a sister in on the secret :)

  4. love it!!!!! the distressed doors are perfect!!

  5. love love love.... the dark stain looks sooo good with the aqua!!


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