February 25, 2013

{DIY Wedding Tips} Distressed Name Sign & How To Incorporate it into Wedding Pictures!

It's the beginning of a new week, ya'll!!

My 12 week clinical is flying by... I only have five weeks left and I'm starting to already get sad at the prospect of leaving my sweet kids. 
But it's one step closer to graduation which is thrilling & scary at the same time!!

I'm back to share some more DIY wedding ideas that I used in my sweet & simple wedding a few weeks ago. 
This one is seriously my favorite thing I did and it was a total accident in how it came about. 
You've gotta love those kind of projects. 

And just wait... I'll show you how we incorporated it into some amazing wedding pictures at the end of the post!! 

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you might remember when I picked up this random scrap piece of wood off the side of the road & brought it home: 

The funny thing is,
I totally drove by this lovely at least 7-8 times before deciding to finally get out and look at it. 
As soon as I saw the perfectly distressed finish it had, I snatched it up. 

I knew what I wanted to do with it the moment I got out and looked at it and it was an incredibly easy project!
Mostly owed to the fact that I didn't really want to mess with the finish it already had.
So no paint job required. 

I think hubby is still getting used to me being so excited about wood people typically trash :) 

So first things first, I used my miter saw to hack off the chewed- up end and still had a huge piece left to work with. 
I gave it a heavy sanding to get the loose paint off which just added to the distressed look I so loved. 

Then I used a light blue paint and very slightly dry-brushed some over the original finish.
Just to give it a little hint of blue strewn throughout the paint. 
In. Love. 

Next, I used the old-fashioned way to get my letters on there. 
I found a font I liked in Microsoft Word, enlarged it and then made it go into 'outline' mode so I didn't use a massive amount of ink.
Print the letters and then use an exacto knife to cut them out, leaving the stencil behind. 

The stencil is what I used to make my letters but it would be amazing to use the letters themselves and trace around it with a paint pen. 

I wanted the letters to really stand out so I used a round sponge brush to brush some creamy-colored paint onto the board. 
The Purdy brush below is what I used to dry-brush the blue paint on with.
Love me some Purdy :) 

Then I used a fine-grit sandpaper to run over it, letting the original grain of the wood show through. 

Isn't it just delicious? 

Check out that naturally distressed finish?? 
I love all the chippy paint. 

It took me about 20 minutes to finish & was an instant show-stopper. 
At first it was just going to go up in the house but after finishing it, Hubby saw it and demanded that it be used somehow in the wedding :) 

And I'm so glad he did!! 

It ended up being the absolute perfect focal point on the drink table. 
I propped it up on the table behind the punch bowls & mason jars and had tons of people asking me about it. 

Who'd have thunk it had nearly been thrown away? 
It was the star of the show...
besides us, that is :)

{Photo by Captured by Tomie}

{Photo by Captured by Tomie}

And I just love this picture of it faded out behind the cake for some reason :)

{Photo by Captured by Tomie}

And because we loved it so much.
we just had to use it in some of our pictures!!!

I'm so glad our sweet friend suggested it because they turned out gorgeous :) 

We let it hang at an angle and my turquoise heels dangled off the end. 
So pretty!!!

And this is normal life :) 
My goofy husband!!

It was such a sweet & special touch to our pictures :)
And now it gets to hang in our house too!!

It was such a seriously easy project to do and it made a huge impact!
If you don't have a wedding to use it in, 
it's absolutely gorgeous as a statement piece in your house too.

You can achieve the distressed look yourself by layering paint onto a new piece of wood or keep your eyes peeled for curbside finds. 
Habitat Restore is also a great place for finding used wood.
I scored some amazing old barnwood there this past weekend!! 

What do you think?
Are you dying for an over-sized distressed sign now?

I've got some more wedding yumminess coming up so keep checking back!!
Have a great Monday :)

Be sure to check out my distressed Easter sign that can be ordered through my Facebook page here!! 

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February 19, 2013

{DIY Wedding Tips} Burlap, Linen & Tulle Wreath

Hey guys!!

Whew, I'm slowly but surely getting organized around here to get all caught up!!
If you missed it Sunday, I shared all my wedding pictures & details from our sweet day!!
You can check it out here if you missed it. 

If you did get a chance to see it, you may have noticed quite a few little projects scattered throughout the decor!!
I mentioned that a ton of it came from my own house but a lot of things were made specially for the big day :)

Which is why I thought I'd start this little series for the next couple weeks: 

And if you're no stranger to Tattered & Inked, you know that I love a good wreath. 
So much so that I think I ended up with about five wreaths at the wedding. 
This one topped them all though but be warned, it was quite a bit of work!! 
If you hate cutting, cutting, cutting & then gluing, gluing, gluing, 
you probably won't be friends with this wreath :)

But it's gorgeous as all get-out so doesn't that make it worth it?
Check out this Shabby-Chic Wedding Stunner: 

Seriously yummy with all those textures!!! 
I knew early on that I wanted to incorporate a lot of whites & burlap into the wedding decor. 
And, oh man, does burlap look gorgeous with white felt & tulle!!

Here's the supplies I gathered: 
*Large Wreath Form (mine was biggg) 
*Strips of linen to wrap the form with
*White Felt, Tulle & burlap Fabric
*Teal Pom Ribbon to hang it from
*Burlap Flower (Michaels)
*Aqua frame (Dollar spot at Michaels) 
*Glitter "C" (Dollar Spot at Michaels) 
*Lots & lots of hot glue!!

Check out my mess below: 

First off, 
I used a similar version of the printable I used with this project from forever ago for the frame. 
Those teal frames were the catalyst for the teal used at the wedding- they went everywhere with me to make sure things matched up :) 

After framing the print, 
I cut and cut and cut some more from the burlap, white felt & tulle. 
Cut a million squares, guys.
Especially if you have the biggest wreath form on the planet like I did.

After they were all cut, 
I wrapped my strips of linen around the entire form and secured with hot glue.
That way when I glued all my squares on, you wouldn't see any white styrofoam peeking through. 

Then it came time to glue all those millions of squares on.
Which was tedious. And I think I burned my fingerprints off with my glue gun.
But it all led to this gorgeousness: 

Which is absolutely & totally worth it in my opinion. 
I love love love all the texture and contrast it gives with the different fabrics. 

I decided to only fill my wreath 3/4s of the way with my fabric squares because I wanted a flat surface to add my embellishments.
But I think it would be fantastically amazing if the whole wreath was done with just the fabric squares, don't you? 

But I decided to add these guys: 

which made me happy :)
It has my burlap, my teal & my new monogram all in one place. 
What more could I ask for? 
They were all just secured with hot glue. 

I found this gorgeous teal pom ribbon at Michaels and bought it all up. 
It was perfect for hanging the wreath from. 

Are you ready to just sit back a minute and take in the luscious-ness of this pretty little thing??
Ok, ok, I'll let you :)

And here is how I displayed it at the wedding: 

(Gorgeous picture done by Captured by Tomie Photography)

My dad was a little wary about me dragging a full-sized worn pallet into his house but it ended up being the perfect backdrop. 
Is it sad that my heart is completely satisfied by a worn-out pallet?
I think it's so pretty :)
It was the perfect worn-grey color. 

I used a small nail to hang the wreath from and then surrounded it by other lovelies that I either made or brought from my house. 

The turquoise shutters hang over my foyer table- here's a glimpse of them at Christmas. 
I brought along a bunch of my turquoise glass that I love so much. 
The candlesticks, milk glass vases and blue bottle were all thrifted.
The teal insulators were my great-grandparents :)
& you may remember my chevron yarn canvas from last year. 

And both the framed 'love' print and the open frame with pictures will be coming up soon with more details in another post!! 

So are you as in love with my textured wreath as I am?

I can't wait to share more wedding DIY's with you guys!! 
Feel free to shoot me any questions- I'd love to address them throughout this little series :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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February 17, 2013

The Day I Got To Marry My Best Friend...

This year has been so full of ups and downs. 
If you haven't seen it yet, I've shared bits & pieces of my crazy store here and here

Me and little man have been through a lot dealing with my divorce & just trying to get through this last year of school for me. 

But I can honestly say that the past six months have been the best days, hours & minutes I've ever experienced. 
In my mere 23 (almost 24!) years of existence. 
God is so so good, guys. 
And He's shown me just how good He can be through the beautiful relationship He's allowed me to have with my {now} hubby. 

We've been married two weeks now & I truly can't explain in words how different this marriage is for me.
I've never known such peace in a relationship before and I know that this is truly how it is meant to be. 

So I've been dyyying to share with you pictures of our sweet & simple day and I finally get too!!

We had an amazing photographer in one of hubby's dear friends and she did such an amazing job capturing our special day!! 
You can find her here at Captured by Tomie if you're looking for someone fabulous!

Before I dive into the amazing are some fun little tidbits about our wedding day: 

1. We got married at my parents house & all the outdoor pictures were taken in the field next to their house- it ended up being perfect!

2. I DIY'd nearly everything about the wedding so you'll be seeing all kinds of projects from it in the next few weeks!!

3. I practically packed up my own house to decorate because of course my colors were teal, grey & white which is basically all around me :) 

4. Hubby nearly gave me a heart attack when he said he wanted to write our own vows....I'm terrified of speaking in front of people and was totally okay with just the 'repeat after me' kind. But I'm soo glad we did because they are words we will treasure forever! 

5. My heart nearly beat out of my chest when I heard hubby gasp out loud when I walked out. You'll see how much I adore him in all the pics...just sayin'. 

6. Little man was apparantly all about the first kiss because partway through the ceremony he yelled out 'just kiss already!' which made me laugh out loud. Silly boy. 

7. We chose four white birds to be around the cake... they're kinda my special thing in the house with the kids and there were two big ones for me & hubby and two small kidlet birds. My little family of four :) 

8. Hubby couldn't stop talking to me when I first walked up to him & he took my hand. The pastor was saying who-knows-what and hubby was just chattering away about how beautiful I was & how excited he was. He completely made my heart melt. 

9. I made a gorgeous bouquet in my DIY fashion and we totally forgot about it for the ceremony. Yup. But it made it into pictures :) 

10. A random thing I really wanted for the big day was turquoise heels. But every time I went looking, I was out of luck. Three days before the wedding, me & hubby chanced into Charlotte Russe one more time and they just so happened to find the last pair tucked away in the back for  me. It was a little shoe miracle that made us smile :) 

And now for the part I know you really wanted to get to.... all the gorgeous pictures!!
Enjoy :) 

My main color was my signature turquoise :) 
But I added lots of burlap, linen & pops of grey & yellow into it. 
My poor house had bare walls when everything was transported over. 

Tutorial coming soon for the gorgeous linen & burlap wreath you see :) 

Of course my scale had to make it in somehow. 
You know I'm obsessed with it :) 
It was perfect for adding some height to the food table. 
I mixed lots of my white bowls & plates in with some vintage trays. 

I picked that awesome metal stand up at Hobby Lobby on clearance last year. 
It's perfect for holding utensils. 

Don't worry...I'll be sharing more about the beautiful sign with our last name on it soon! 
It's definitely a fun story and was fate in how it happened :) 

I added chunky wood slices underneath the punch bowls just for fun. 
And yes, I did decorate six DOZEN mason jars. 
Didn't they turn our pretty, though?
Totally worth it. 

Knotted ribbon & a painted frame with a simple love saying completed it. 
And why yes, I used drop cloths as tablecloths. 
They were perfect. Be jealous :) 

Little miss getting her hair done :) 

Tutorials coming soon on both the "Truly, Madly Deeply" sign & the Framed 'Extraordinary' print. 
I've already shared the free 'Extraordinary' printable with you here because I love you so!!

Fun fact: 
see that framed picture of hubby & the two kids? 
We have a handful of pictures we took over five years ago when we verrry first met. 
I LOVE having sweet pictures of the kids together when they were babies. 
God knew we'd want them someday :) 
And this one is my absolute favorite of hubby playing the guitar with both babies in his lap. 
Steal my heart. 

The cake was totally Pinterest inspired, I'm not going to lie. 
But I changed it up by adding turquoise to it and I knew I wanted to incorporate the four birds to represent our little family. 
Mama & Daddy bird are on top and the two baby birds are hiding up front. 
Didn't it turn out beautiful? 

And check out that amazing pallet stand that hubby made for the cake to sit on. 
It's perfect and completely special to me. 
I'll be sharing more of it soon :) 

Free "He is Mine" printable available here!! 
I realized in adding C's everywhere that they totally have a mind of their own.
I asked hubby why he had to have such difficult letters- J & C. 
They roll and roll and roll, guys. 
There was a lot of coaxing to get those guys to stand upright :) 

My random miracle shoes: Charlotte Russe
Gold bracelets: Target
Pearl Bracelet: From my sweet mimi who passed away three years ago. 
Gorgeous Turquoise Necklace: Blue Soul Designs

Me & mom worked all evening one night to decorate that arch :) 
We found some amazing burlap mesh at Hobby Lobby and intertwined it with tulle & burlap ribbon. 
The C is from Hobby Lobby but was painted turquoise :) 

My absolute favorite :)
Look at that sweet grin. 

And the sweetest pic ever is this one: 

Hubby is whispering sweet things to me & I'm soaking it all in :) 

I can't believe that the weeks are already flying by. 
Such a sweet story that I never get tired of telling. 

"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite" 

{Be on the lookout for the next few weeks for all kinds of projects that came from DIY'ing the wedding...can't wait to show you!!!} 

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