February 19, 2013

{DIY Wedding Tips} Burlap, Linen & Tulle Wreath

Hey guys!!

Whew, I'm slowly but surely getting organized around here to get all caught up!!
If you missed it Sunday, I shared all my wedding pictures & details from our sweet day!!
You can check it out here if you missed it. 

If you did get a chance to see it, you may have noticed quite a few little projects scattered throughout the decor!!
I mentioned that a ton of it came from my own house but a lot of things were made specially for the big day :)

Which is why I thought I'd start this little series for the next couple weeks: 

And if you're no stranger to Tattered & Inked, you know that I love a good wreath. 
So much so that I think I ended up with about five wreaths at the wedding. 
This one topped them all though but be warned, it was quite a bit of work!! 
If you hate cutting, cutting, cutting & then gluing, gluing, gluing, 
you probably won't be friends with this wreath :)

But it's gorgeous as all get-out so doesn't that make it worth it?
Check out this Shabby-Chic Wedding Stunner: 

Seriously yummy with all those textures!!! 
I knew early on that I wanted to incorporate a lot of whites & burlap into the wedding decor. 
And, oh man, does burlap look gorgeous with white felt & tulle!!

Here's the supplies I gathered: 
*Large Wreath Form (mine was biggg) 
*Strips of linen to wrap the form with
*White Felt, Tulle & burlap Fabric
*Teal Pom Ribbon to hang it from
*Burlap Flower (Michaels)
*Aqua frame (Dollar spot at Michaels) 
*Glitter "C" (Dollar Spot at Michaels) 
*Lots & lots of hot glue!!

Check out my mess below: 

First off, 
I used a similar version of the printable I used with this project from forever ago for the frame. 
Those teal frames were the catalyst for the teal used at the wedding- they went everywhere with me to make sure things matched up :) 

After framing the print, 
I cut and cut and cut some more from the burlap, white felt & tulle. 
Cut a million squares, guys.
Especially if you have the biggest wreath form on the planet like I did.

After they were all cut, 
I wrapped my strips of linen around the entire form and secured with hot glue.
That way when I glued all my squares on, you wouldn't see any white styrofoam peeking through. 

Then it came time to glue all those millions of squares on.
Which was tedious. And I think I burned my fingerprints off with my glue gun.
But it all led to this gorgeousness: 

Which is absolutely & totally worth it in my opinion. 
I love love love all the texture and contrast it gives with the different fabrics. 

I decided to only fill my wreath 3/4s of the way with my fabric squares because I wanted a flat surface to add my embellishments.
But I think it would be fantastically amazing if the whole wreath was done with just the fabric squares, don't you? 

But I decided to add these guys: 

which made me happy :)
It has my burlap, my teal & my new monogram all in one place. 
What more could I ask for? 
They were all just secured with hot glue. 

I found this gorgeous teal pom ribbon at Michaels and bought it all up. 
It was perfect for hanging the wreath from. 

Are you ready to just sit back a minute and take in the luscious-ness of this pretty little thing??
Ok, ok, I'll let you :)

And here is how I displayed it at the wedding: 

(Gorgeous picture done by Captured by Tomie Photography)

My dad was a little wary about me dragging a full-sized worn pallet into his house but it ended up being the perfect backdrop. 
Is it sad that my heart is completely satisfied by a worn-out pallet?
I think it's so pretty :)
It was the perfect worn-grey color. 

I used a small nail to hang the wreath from and then surrounded it by other lovelies that I either made or brought from my house. 

The turquoise shutters hang over my foyer table- here's a glimpse of them at Christmas. 
I brought along a bunch of my turquoise glass that I love so much. 
The candlesticks, milk glass vases and blue bottle were all thrifted.
The teal insulators were my great-grandparents :)
& you may remember my chevron yarn canvas from last year. 

And both the framed 'love' print and the open frame with pictures will be coming up soon with more details in another post!! 

So are you as in love with my textured wreath as I am?

I can't wait to share more wedding DIY's with you guys!! 
Feel free to shoot me any questions- I'd love to address them throughout this little series :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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  1. So pretty! And I have to tell you, I read through your whole wedding post and it was so beautiful. I don't really "know" you all that well, and I'm not sure I've ever commented before, but I'm truly happy for you!!

  2. Love this! I pinned it to my Wreath Love board. :)

  3. Gorgeous wreath and yes the pallet was the perfect backdrop. I love old wood. :)


  4. Gorgeous mix of colors and textures! The burlap flower is the perfect touch! I would love it if you would consider linking some of your wedding series to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a link party for ideas that make life better, easier or more fun!

  5. Very pretty! I love linen!! I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  6. This is so pretty! I love the burlap flower, too! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday! I hope you will link more of your great ideas!

  8. Just saw this GORGEOUS wreath featured at Lil Luna - I absolutely love it. So so pretty.

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  10. awesome. and keep up the crafty stuff! I love this tutuorial. wedding dress fabrics


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