March 04, 2013

{DIY Wedding Tips} 20$ Stunning Bouquet Makeover

Because we were keeping our wedding simple & to a budget, 
we really wanted to keep the cost down in certain areas.
I knew that I really only wanted wildflowers around the decor area to keep with the vintage feel. 
But I was stuck on how to do a budget-friendly bouquet. 
Seriously guys, flowers can get expensive!!

So when I stumbled upon these fake bouquets at Hobby Lobby, my wheels started spinning on how to make them a little more unique. 
I was a little hesitant at first just because they weren't real flowers & I'm not usually a fan of the faux-flower look. 

But what I loved about the one I found was: 
1. They were the wax flowers that feel so real it's crazy. 
2. They were white... so they didn't look quite as 'fake' as some of the colored flowers tend to look. 
3. It was a super simple bouquet- just white roses and leaves so it would be easy to personalize- kind of like working with a blank canvas. 
4. With my Hobby Lobby coupon, they were under 20$- can't beat that price!!

There was way too much potential there to pass them up. 

So take a look at the before: 

Pretty & very simple. 

Here's what I gathered to make it more me: 
Different types of ribbon
 {I gathered up all the ones I planned on using in the wedding decor to see what would work}
Hot Glue Gun

The very first thing I did was to cut off the fake leaves.
They just screamed fake to me, as in they had that obvious plastic look to them so I just snipped them off. 

Made a HUGE difference. 

Then I took these fun floral branches: 

They were a a pack for under 3$ and they went FAR.
I used them in all my flower bunches at the wedding too. 
Love this stuff. 

I snipped them to be the length that I wanted and then just pushed them into the flowers. 
They added the perfect vintage touch I wanted into the roses. 
It was that easy :) 

Just pretty wisps...

Then I took my ribbon & hot glue gun and used them to cover the base of the bouquet.
This was totally a play-around-until-you-like-it type of process.

I wrapped it a couple different ways until I found the combination I loved. 
Here's what I ended up with: 

Isn't it such a huge difference from before??
Much more fun & vibrant. 

I wrapped it first with my teal ribbon all the way up the base. 
Then I used a small strip of linen at the top.
I frayed a piece of burlap and let it wrap around where the linen & teal ribbon met. 

Then I added pieces of grey chevron ribbon & teal bakers twin to the burlap to top it off. 
I just love love loved the color & personality it added!!

Isn't it gorgeous now??

And wait!! There's more!!
I also did a little update to a super-cheap boutonniere Hobby Lobby had too. 
Seriously, it was like three dollars. 

Check out it's little makeover: 

I snipped off the white ribbon and leaves then added burlap leaves, teal ribbon and a couple sprigs of the floral branches.
A million times better, don't you think? 

Here's one more glimpse at my beautiful DIY bouquet: 

I can't wait to share more about our cute mini pallet we made!!
I'll be telling you more about it later on this week so be sure to stop by again soon :) 

And of course I have to have an excuse to slip in a gorgeous wedding picture of my & my hunny. 
But the bouquet is in there too :) 

Now for the fun part...
the complete before & after. 
Always the best part- seeing the side by side of how it all turned out!
Can you believe how easy it was to transform a 20$ faux bouquet?? 

I hope it gives you a little inspiration for what you can do to make your wedding unique and colorful without breaking your budget!! 

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