March 06, 2013

{DIY Wedding Tips} Mini Pallet Cake Stand

I've nearly wrapped up all my DIY wedding posts, can you believe it?? 

This super simple DIY was one of my favorite things we did for the reception. 
I found all kinds of inspiration using pallets for creative things and one of the things I absolutely loved was the idea of using a mini pallet for a cakestand. 

And hubby completely outdid himself in making our little pallet. 
Ironically, it took nearly  an entire big pallet to make!!

He ripped apart a weathered pallet we had lying around in the back yard just waiting to be used for something awesome. 
He used the jigsaw to just cut apart the slats rather than prying them off piece by hundred-nailed-in-piece. 
But it was still a job :) 

Here's the little pallet he made for us: 

I'm completely in love with it. And him :) 

I used an old-school stencil I had to stencil the lettering on. 
Love our own personalized pallet :) 

I added our last name and our fave number '22' on the sides. 

And here it is with our beyond gorgeous cake we had: 

It was super easy to put together considering that it's not supposed to be perfect.
The more worn & rough looking, the better :) 

I gave it a thorough sanding to get rid of any loose pieces though.
The only thing to remember when making your own is to make sure you know the size of the biggest layer of your cake (including the cake plate) so you can make your pallet a few inches larger. 

I'm in love with how it turned out. 
And it's definitely something special that we'll keep for years to come. 

Ooh, and I love how the original nails are visible on the edges. 
I'm weird like that :) 

What do you think? 
Are you as in love with the DIY mini pallet as I am?? 

Who knew those huge pallets could have such cute babies, huh? 

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  1. This is adorable Kelsey!! I love that you used it as a cake stand - love the custom stenciling as well!


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