March 18, 2013

Dollar Store Personalized Easter Baskets!!!

Guys, I am seriously over the moon excited about these cute little Easter baskets I made for the kiddos this year. 

And you'll never in a million years believe where it all started., yea, maybe you will...
Because somehow tons of amazing projects stem from this store. 
But seriously, it all went down at the Dollar Store. 

They had some way cute organization buckets on an end cap that caught my eye. 
I didn't actually buy any of them when I first saw them but I kept thinking about them. 
And thinking about them.
Like, I think they may have appeared in a couple dreams. 

But nonetheless, I went back with visions of Easter cute-ness dancing in my crafty/weird brain. 

Check out these 1$ adorable Easter baskets I was able to create: 

Aren't they the cutest?? 
I had way too much fun making a girly one & then a more boy-ish one :)

Here's the cute bins I picked up at the Dollar Store: 
I got green for little man and blue was the girl-iest color they had. 

Complete supply list: 
*Dollar Store Buckets
*Scraps of ribbon/fabric
*Vinyl (I used white) but stickers would work too 
*Washi Tape
*White Eggs (.99 cents at Hobby Lobby) 

Besides the buckets & white eggs (which were not technically necessary), I had everything on hand which led me to my $1 Easter baskets. 

First things first, they needed a little more personality. 
I pulled out my Cricut and some white vinyl and added some fun monograms. 
I used a scallop frame for sweet girl & an oval for little man. 

Then I just cut out various sized circles to add some dots around the rest of the bucket.
Easy peasy. 
Look how much cuter they are with a fun mongram!!

But it couldn't stop there!!
I took scrap ribbon & fabric and tied them around the handles of the bucket. 
Sweet girl got pops of pink and little man got more yellows & greens. 

Now for something cute to go inside. 
I loved the white eggs from Hobby Lobby because they were 1. cheap and 2. a blank canvas. 

All they needed were some fun colors of washi tape which just so happened to have gone on sale over at Pick your Plum & I had the perfect colors on hand!!

I did stripes on a few and then completely covered others. 
Just until I had plenty to fill those cute baskets. 

I added some raffia to the bucket & popped the eggs in. 
Instant gorgeousness :) 

Here's the sweet kiddos finished baskets, complete with washi-taped eggs!!

Ready for some easter eye candy? 
I know it's your favorite part :) 

What do you think?? 
Are you as in love with these cheap & way-fun versions of easter baskets?

Do you have some little ones in your life that would love a colorful easter bucket too? 

I hope you guys are having a fabulous week!!

It's spring break around here for my little family but not for me :/ 
But we're still managing to have lots of fun... just wait until I show you what we did in our garden this weekend!!! 
Happy Monday, friends :) 

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  1. They are super adorable. Love the personalized touch.

  2. i love this!!! they are really awesome! and even better- they can use them to store all kinds of kid crap after easter!! lol

  3. Seriously glad I'm not alone in my recent obsession with these Dollar Tree bins! I LOVE them...and they get along famously with my Silhouette LOL! These are so cute!

  4. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop, you have a wonderful blog! I hope you stop by and say hello, I'm having a giveaway right now!

    Look forward to reading more.
    -Melanie @


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