March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend!! (And a handmade sign)

This week has been hectic. 
And bittersweet. 

I finished up my first three-month clinical at an amazing Pediatric Clinic and I'm super sad to be leaving there to go to my next clinical site. 
I'm excited that it's a big step forward towards finishing OT school though.
But it's hard to leave a place you love :/ 

Tying up all the loose strings with that and then having Hubby get sick in the middle of his crazy school week has left this week a tad exhausting.

But in all the craziness and all the business and chaos...
it's never too crazy or stressful to remember that today we celebrate something bigger than all of that :) 

I made this sign for a friend of mine but I love love love the simple message. 
That cross sure means a lot to me :) 

After this crazy year, it's so nice to know without any shadow of a doubt that we have a Savior that cares :)

So I hope you guys have a fabulous, sun-filled, jellybean consuming and God-blessed Easter weekend with those you love!!

We will be celebrating with a fun Easter Egg hunt if the weather allows and then spending Easter with family and yummy food. 
Have a great weekend guys!!! 

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  1. Really pretty sign...I love the fact you used the paint on the background and let the wood cross show through! Have a Blessed Easter:)


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