March 15, 2013

Magic Leprechaun Door & Other Mischievous Tricks

I can't believe how quickly Friday has snuck up on me!! 
We've spend the day outside in gorgeous weather working in the garden & on a few other outdoor projects. 
I can't wait to share some of our outdoor space with you soon :)

But in the meantime, I wanted to share some mischievous leprechaun tricks that will be happening around these parts on Sunday. 

St. Patrick's Day has always been a fun holiday around here... completely randomly. 
Little man talks about our green milk & green toilet all year round... 
so I love coming up with new mischief to add to the fun each year. 

This year I came up with the 'Magic Leprechaun Door' that is going to mysteriously appear Sunday morning. 
I'm so excited :) 

Check out the cuteness: 

How fun is that??? 

Ours will appear inside on Sunday but it was much more fun to set up outside :)
And easier to keep the munchkins from seeing it. 

I'm going to attach it to the wall right above our baseboard in the hallway.
That way the kiddos will see it when they come out of their bedroom. 

Here's what it all started as: 

(Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby)
-Miniature Door (dollhouse section)
-Miniature Doorknob set
-Green Pom Poms
-St Patrick's Leprechaun Hat Floral Pick
-Green Shamrock Confetti
-Miniature Bucket (Dollhouse section)

The first thing I did was give the door a coat of white spraypaint and the tiny doorknob a coat of oil-rubbed bronze. 
They dried in about 2 seconds here in our pretty warm weather and then I just hot-glued the doorknob on. 

The fun part is in all the little details!!!

Aren't they fun??
I love anything in miniature!

I kept the door white so I could use it for other fun holidays.
But I decided to dress it up in green accessories for the little leprechauns to leave behind :)

I made the little wreath with green pom poms and cardstock.
Just cut a circle out of cardstock and then glue them on. 
Easy peasy! 

I filled the tiny bucket up with pom poms & shamrocks and then rested the leprechaun hat on top. 
So cute :) 

The rolos serve as a bit of gold to leave behind and of course he had to leave behind a trail of shamrock dust!!

And just in case you were wondering just how tiny it all's the magic door next to our little flower bed. 
A perfect tiny hiding spot. 

How fun is that??
The kiddos are going to flip when they realize that the leprechauns left their secret portal behind!!

And in case you wanted some more fun St Patrick's Day ideas to do with the little ones...
here are three more fun things that we'll be doing...

(Starting from left) 

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend & Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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  1. Thanks Kelsey for trying out my St Patricks Day drink! Love the leprachaun door! Soo cute. Brilliant idea! Hope you have a luck St Patty's day! <3 Heidi Rew


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